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History / Differences between the simplified CommonJS wrapper and standard AMD define

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@muggezifter muggezifter fixed typo ('threat' for 'treat')' 142907e
@millermedeiros millermedeiros update notes about sync require to match behavior after v2.0+ f8354ed
@millermedeiros millermedeiros add TOC, deep-linking and <hr>s df2160c
@jrburke jrburke only show amd-compliant require properties and use and module.uri in module example instead of module.exports ac65d24
@millermedeiros millermedeiros add info about magic modules: require, exports, module ee41008
@brentlintner brentlintner typo bcf1641
@aaronj1335 aaronj1335 fixed several typos (than --> then, threat --> treat) 507fa66
@millermedeiros millermedeiros add comment about standard AMD w/o deps. da832e6
@millermedeiros millermedeiros create page explaining diff between simplified CJS wrapper and standard AMD define 89a66a4
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