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BlipLR Lightroom Plugin

If you have a Blipfoto journal and use Lightroom to manage your photos - you're probably going to want this Lightroom plugin that'll let you export direct from your Lightroom catalogue to your Blipfoto journal.


BlipLR requires Lightroom 2 or higher.


Installation is pretty straight forward:

  1. Copy the bliplr.lrplugin folder to where you normally keep your Lightroom plugins
  2. Open the Plugin Manager in Lightroom and add the BlipLR plugin folder.

Publish your journal entries

Now that you've installed the plugin - you can start uploading your Blipfoto journal entries from Lightroom:

On the Export dialog - click on the banner at the top of the dialog and choose Blipfoto.

You'll first need to link Lightroom with your Blipfoto account. Just hit the Link to Blipfoto button to get set up.

Now that you're linked up you just need to choose whether to use the photo's metadata or enter your own title, description and tags. A word of caution: if you're entering the description on the Export dialog - pressing enter will begin the export rather than adding a new line. You need to press ctrl+enter to add a new line.

You can upload more than one entry at a time, so long as each photo was taken on a different day. When you're uploading more than photo - the photo's title, caption and tags will be used for the entry and you won't be able to enter those details on the export dialog.


BlipLR is a Lightroom plugin for uploading to




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