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A set of easily differentiated ringtones
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Easily differentiated ringtones

probably for old people or folks who want to annoy their fellow humans

"Wait, was that a text or email? Crap, it's a meeting?"

Phones can make a lot of fun noises. They're like a little R2D2 or BB8 that you can forget to silence and have people glare at you when it explodes while you're at a meeting or funeral. And just like those loveable droids, you have no friggin' clue what they are trying to tell you.

Still, while you fumble for the dismiss, it might be nice to know if the light guitar chord was a text message or if it the stone clack was a text or calendar event.

So, after getting a new phone for my father-in-law, it occurred to me that there's an easier way.

Now, you can have some moron tell you exactly what you just got.

Obviously, I'll accept PRs if other folks feel they want to add better versions.

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