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Simple node app to watch a directory and run phpunit tests
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A NodeJS app to watch directories and run PHPUnit tests.

Build Status

This project is no longer maintained. Please see: to automate running your PHPUnit test runner.


The following command will install the application. Use -g to install as a global binary.

[sudo] npm install [-g] phpunit-watchr

Running The Server

Running the app is easy. If you installed globally, then starting the app is as easy as:

phpunit-watchr [path] [phpunit-configuration]

The path and phpunit-configuration will default to ./tests and --colors respectively.

Example usage

Setting path:

phpunit-watchr './php/tests'

Setting paths:

phpunit-watchr ./php/tests,./tests

Setting PHPUnit configuration:

phpunit-watchr './php/tests' '--strict --colors'

Future Features

  • Notification integration


This project is licensed under MIT license.

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