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A beautiful, modern Ghost theme
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Detox is a beautiful, modern Ghost theme.

See the demo


  • Fully responsive
  • Minimal and focused on content
  • Built with Sass (and the Sass files are included in the download in case you want to do some editing).
  • Moot comments


  1. Download the files using the GitHub .zip download
  2. Unzip the files and rename the folder to Detox
  3. Copy the folder into your Ghost theme directory ghost/content/themes
  4. Restart ghost and log in to your dashboard
  5. In settings under themes select Detox and save

Setting up comments

Detox comes with Moot comments installed, but YOU'LL NEED TO SET UP MOOT FOR YOUR OWN BLOG.

To set up Moot comments, do the following:

  1. Go to: and create a new forum (near the bottom) and username for yourself.
  2. Inside your new forum, create a discussion section that you'll use for comments (most people just name it "Posts").
  3. Use a text editor to open the post.hbs file in this theme.
  4. Find this code in that file:
    <section id="comments">
        <a class="moot"
            Comments for this blog entry
  5. Replace "detox" with the name of the forum you created and "posts" with the name of the discussion section you created, like this:

Then you should be good to go!

For more information:

Setting up highlight JS

Detox now uses highlight JS to automatically style your code when posting.

To change the default theme (github-gist):

  1. Download the latest release of highlight JS here
  2. Go to the highlight theme demo and find the theme you wish to use.
  3. Find the associated .css file with that theme -> /src/styles/themeName.css, then place it within detox/assets/css.
  4. Edit default.hbs with the new .css file, normally found on line 31.
  5. Enjoy!


MIT License

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