Example simple drush implementation
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I want a drush command to set the site to maintance mode and set the message to a 
user-specified string. It should work like the following:

// turn on maintenance mode with message "This is my message"
drush maintenance on --message="This is my message"

// turns off maintenance mode
drush maintenance off

// turns on maintenance mode with the last message
drush maintenance on

create the mymodule.drush.inc

hook_drush_command() - Tells drush that you have a command. Gives the basic informaiton in an array.

Description - Used in help
aliases - a shorter version of the command. eg cc instead of clear-cache
option - optional command paramaters (message)
arguments - manitory command paramaters (on|off)
examples - give some nice examples

drush cc drush

drush help mm // should see help options

create the callback. defaults (drush_mymodule_maintenance())

arugumens come in from the fucntion arguments

options come from drush_get_option('option-name');