Group Autonomy for Mobile Systems
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About GAMS

The Group Autonomy for Mobile Systems (GAMS) project at Carnegie Mellon University is intended to provide a distributed operating environment for control of one or more unmanned autonomous systems (UAS). The repository is composed of C++, Java, MADARA, and some LUA bindings that enable a single person to control and understand information from a swarm of agents, robots, or UAS.

GAMS is an extension of an earlier project called SMASH.


See the instructions at for a list of methods for installing GAMS and its prerequisites. For Linux users, we have scripts in $GAMS_ROOT/scripts/linux that are useful for not only building but also getting the latest version of repositories. See the script in the linux directory for more information (pass help to it).

For Windows users, you will need to download the repositories for ACE, MADARA and GAMS along with whatever options you are wanting to compile in. Then, you can use the helpful base_build.bat script in %GAMS_ROOT%\scripts\windows to build GAMS and prerequisites. Pass help from command line to see options.

For the base_build scripts on Linux or Windows, you will need to at LEAST pass in "madara gams" in on a first build. After that, you can pick and choose what you want to update. Tests, vrep, and other options will need to be added by most users. There is a build_c++ script that wraps common options for most users.

Generating GAMS projects

We have a script called in $GAMS_ROOT/scripts/projects that is very useful for generating almost any kind of GAMS or MADARA project. See -h for usage information. The most common GAMS Project Configurator (GPC) usage is the --new-algorithm option and the many options for configuring a VREP simulation. Again, see the help information for specifics.

Compiling GAMS projects

After you've generated a project with the GPC, you should see two scripts in your project directory (action.bat|sh). The .bat file is used by Visual Studio users to compile GAMS projects. The .sh file is used by Linux g++ users to compile GAMS projects. Pass "help" to the script for usage information.


  1. Please see our helpful Wiki which include guides at:

  2. Please see our full c++ doxygen documentation at:

    Java docs are available here:

  3. Issues can be posted to our Issue system (which hasn't gotten any usage):

  4. The SEI at CMU created an Autonomy Tutorial Series that covers usage of GAMS to create multi-agent autonomy.

  5. If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact me directly at: