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While will handle most of the build process for android, if given the android build flag, it does not install boost for Android as required.

Follow the steps to download and install Boost

  • export ANDROID_ARCH environment variable to armeabi-v7a, x86, arm64, x86_64
  • export NDK_ROOT pointing to your android-ndk root folder (should be version r16b)
  • git clone
  • cd into the new directory
  • Run ./ --boost=1.65.1 --arch=$ANDROID_ARCH $NDK_ROOT
  • This build process will take some time. Once finished, you must add an environment variable BOOST_ANDROID_ROOT to your .bashrc. Set it to the root directory of boost.

Once this is setup, you should be able to install and compile Madara and GAMS for android by running:

  • $GAMS_ROOT/scripts/linux/ prereqs madara gams android