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A script for capturing interesting statistics about IronRuby
== Pre-requisites
1. git clone git://
2. Set up IronRuby for building:
== Configuration
Update config.rb with the path to your IronRuby repository (from step 1 above).
For example, if you ran the "git clone" command in c:/dev, then this would be
your REPO value:
REPO = 'c:/dev/ironruby'
== Example
> ruby stats.rb --all
Runs all reports, and writes results to a .dat file.
"ruby stats.rb --reporter=data --all" will do the same thing.
> ruby stats.rb --reporter=text --all
Runs all reports, and outputs the results to the screen.
> ruby stats.rb --mspec_lang
Only run the 'mspec_lang' report
> ruby stats.rb --skip-build --all
Run all reports, except for 'build'
== Usage
ruby stats.rb [--help|-h] [--clean] [--reporter=(text|data)] [--skip-#{name}] [--#{name}|--all]
#{name} can be any of the following:
- mspec_core : RubySpec Core tests
- mspec_lang : RubySpec Language tests
- mspec_lib : RubySpec Library tests
- build : Builds IronRuby
- binsize : Size of IronRuby binaries
- repo : Size of IronRuby source code repository
- startup : Time to start ir.exe
- throughput : Time to do 100,000 iterations of (i *= 2)