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# Objectviewer.msh
# will show an Object in a PropertyGrid (propertywindow in Visual Studio)
# this is an easy way to look at MSH objects.
# you can read / write the object properties.
# and it has some nice editors for some properties
# eg. ov (gi test.txt)will let you change the date by a calendarview
# /\/\o\/\/ 2005
$form = new-object "System.Windows.Forms.Form"
$form.Size = new-object System.Drawing.Size @(600,600)
$PG = new-object "System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid"
$PG.Dock = [System.Windows.Forms.DockStyle]::Fill
$form.text = "$args"
$PG.selectedobject = $args[0].psObject.baseobject
$form.topmost = $true