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Commits on Jul 24, 2008
  1. merging rubyspec 1.4.0

    jredville committed Jul 24, 2008
Commits on Jul 23, 2008
  1. Updated the FTP Dummy Server to behave more like a "real" FTP Server …

    arthurschreiber committed Jul 23, 2008
    …by default. Converted more of the existing Net::FTP specs to make use of the Dummy Server.
Commits on Jul 22, 2008
  1. Added a simple Dummy FTP Server to make the Net::FTP specs less imple…

    arthurschreiber committed Jul 22, 2008
    …mentation specific and less fragile.
  2. Adds basic specs for OpenSSL::Random#random_bytes and #pseudo_bytes.

    sveiss authored and vvs committed Jul 22, 2008
    Based on 1.8/library/securerandom/random_bytes_spec.rb.
    Signed-off-by: Vladimir Sizikov <>
  3. New spec for String#split: it does not call constructor on created su…

    sveiss authored and vvs committed Jul 22, 2008
    …bclass instances
    Strings returned from #split in a subclass of String are instances of
    that subclass; however, #initialize is not called on them.
    This behaviour is relied upon by the bcrypt-ruby gem.
    Signed-off-by: Vladimir Sizikov <>
Commits on Jul 21, 2008
  1. Fixing typo in last commit.

    febuiles committed Jul 21, 2008