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Python wrapper and Gnome integration for the Pandora client "pianobar"
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This is a set of wrapper libraries and scripts designed to work with the
Pandora client "pianobar".  pianobar was originally created Lars-Dominik Braun,
and can be found at

The main purpose of this project is to allow a more native/pretty interface to
pianobar, or at least from the perspective of a Gnome user.  The included
"daemon" script interfaces with Gnome's play/stop/next media keys so that the
user can control pianobar without having to find the right terminal window, or
while running pianobar from a disconnected screen session.  The "event" script
handles event_command data from pianobar and generates system notifications via
libnotify that relay song data, as well as any error messages.


Running the daemon script is as easy as running:

  python path/to/pianobar/

Using the event handler script requires modifying your pianobar/config file so
that the event_command value is set to the event script, such as:

  event_command = path/to/pianobar/


This has only been tested on my own local system:
  Ubuntu 9.10 with pianobar compiled and installed to /usr/local/

Currently, the control system and daemon script require the user to already
have installed and started pianobar, and to have not modified any action keys.

The daemon script only works in Gnome, as it uses dbus to listen for Gnome's
media key signals.

The event handler script requires pynotify to be installed.

Bug Reports

If you find any problems with this project, please do not hesitate to visit my
bugtracker at and submit a report.

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