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Johnny R. Reina

M: 806-410-6901
Lubbock, TX
Blog / LinkedIn / Github / Twitter

Professional Experience

ARMtech Insurance Services

Software Engineer - Test Engineering • Lubbock, TX • January 2018 - Current

  • Developing automated integration and E2E tests in support of microservice-oriented architecture including testing services directly via message queues, testing via WebSocket proxies, and testing via UI.
  • Driving the evolution of testing techniques to reduce boilerplate and detect defects quicker.
  • Developing CLI and web-based utilities for managing deployments and test results.
  • Investigating and developing best-practices for tools such as Cypress and Prettier.
  • Maintaining code and documentation for test architecture.

Smooth Fusion

Web Developer • Lubbock, TX • October 2016 – December 2017

  • Developing responsive and reactive UI in HTML5, developing server-side code in C# for control-flow and data access, designing SQL databases, and optimizing site performance and user experience.
  • Working cross-functionally with QA, creative, and project management teams to provide UX feedback as well as propose features.
  • Building customized solutions to solve client problems and ease pain points in a meaningful way.
  • Translating creative comps and Photoshop files to fully interactive sites.
  • Extending the functionality of Telerik Sitefinity CMS with custom widgets, modules, themes and content per project requirements.

Flat Wireless, LLC DBA Cleartalk Wireless

Software Developer • Lubbock, TX and Remote • 2013 – Oct. 2016
Associate Network Engineer • Lubbock, TX • 2011 – 2013

  • Worked proactively to deliver a higher standard of operational information availability to executives as well as network operations and engineering groups.
  • Migrated reporting and aggregation system from a flat-file-based system to a centralized reporting system.
  • Migrated all in-house source code from single-source to Git and developed a Git-centric workflow.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed new applications to monitor key metrics using descriptive statistics.
  • Worked to identify and mitigate internal and external sources of RF noise to maximize the usability of available spectrum.
  • Developed tools for automation of revenue settlements with roaming partners.
  • Maintained database servers containing network inventory, site outages, and site information.


Use Daily

ES7+ JavaScript | TypeScript | Mocha | Chai | Cypress | React | C#
Fluent in functional programming techniques and application of FP style.
Fluent in concepts and design of object-oriented programming and many GOF design patterns.

Used for School or Personal Enrichment Projects

Java | Haskell | C++ | Elm | D3.js


The most up-to-date list of web-accessible projects can be found at

ShittyLINQ [source] [link]

An open-source implementation of System.LINQ extension methods from the .NET framework.

ShittyLINQ.js [source] [link]

A JavaScript implementation of System.LINQ extension methods from the .NET framework.

Cellular Automata Sandbox [source] [link]

Generate cellular automata in your browser
A JavaScript application to generate cellular automata canvas images based on various user-provided parameters. Used as a sort of challenge to myself to see if I could implement cellular automata with JavaScript.

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