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Deploy multiple Git repositories in an unique folder

modgit is a shell script for deploying multiple Git repositories in root folder of any project, which is not possible with default git submodule command. A common use case would be the easy installation of Magento modules that need to be deployed in root folder.


curl installation

$ curl > modgit
$ chmod +x modgit
$ mv modgit /usr/local/bin

wget installation

$ wget -O modgit
$ chmod +x modgit
$ mv modgit /usr/local/bin

Manual download

  • Download shell script here
  • Copy modgit file to /usr/local/bin (or any folder in your $PATH)
  • Run chmod +x modgit


Install a module

$ cd /path/to/project
$ modgit init
$ modgit add [-n] [-t tag_name] [-b branch_name] <module> <git_repository>

Update a module

$ modgit up [-n] <module>

Update all modules

$ modgit up-all [-n]

Remove a module

$ modgit rm [-n] <module>

Remove all modules

$ modgit rm-all [-n]

List installed modules

$ modgit ls

Show information about an installed module

$ modgit info <module>

Show deployed files of an installed module

$ modgit files <module>

Show help

$ modgit help

Advanced usage

Dry run mode

$ modgit add -n scheduler
  => show what would be done

Include filter

$ modgit add -i lib/ elastica git://
  => will deploy only lib/ folder

Include filter with custom target

$ modgit -i lib/:library/ add elastica git://
  => will deploy only lib/ (remote folder) to library/ (local folder)

Exclude filter

$ modgit add -e tests/ atoum
  => will deploy all remote files and folders, except tests/ folder

Automatic modman compatibility

$ modgit add debug
  => will parse remote modman file for files and folders mapping


Shell script for Git module deployment with include/exclude filters.



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