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Code Samples


Subscribing to channels

    public function indexAction(Request $request, Radio $radio)
        // Presence and Private channels need excplicit configuration, see config.yml 
            ->getPresenceChannel("user", ["id" => $this->getUser()->getId()])

        // Public channels can be created without any configuration
        // Channel type will be resolve by config type, if several channel with the same name exist 
        // the priority is as follows: presence -> private -> public

Publishing events

    public function publishToPublicChannel(Request $request, Radio $radio)
        $global = $radio->getPublicChannel("global");
        $child_1 = $radio->getPublicChannel("global.child_1");    // the dot indicates channel inheritence
        $child_1 = $radio->getPublicChannel("global.child_2");

        $child_1->publish(new Message("Hello Child Channel 1!")); // published to 'global' and 'global.child_1'
        $child_2->publish(new Message("Hello Child Channel 2!")); // published to 'global' and 'global.child_2'

        return new Response("Done.");

    public function publishToPresenceChannel(Request $request, Radio $radio)
        $channel = $radio->getPresenceChannel("user", ["id" => $this->getUser()->getId()]);
        $channel->publish(new Message("Hello Presence Channel!"));

        return new Response("Done.");
     public function publishNotifications(Request $request, Radio $radio)
        $notificationChannel = $radio->getPrivateChannel("user_notifications", ["id" => 9999]);

        $element = \Pimcore\Model\DataObject\MyEntity::getById(12345);
            ->publish(new Notification("Yeay!", "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!"))
            ->publish(new Notification("Wow!", "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!", $element)

Fetching unread notifications

    public function notificationsAction(Request $request){
        $notifications = new Listing();
        $notifications->addConditionParam("`read` IS NULL");
        $notifications->addConditionParam("`targetUser` = ?", $this->getUser()->getId());
        $this->view->notifications = $notifications;


For details concerning the client side javascript have a look at the pusher client api guide. If you use $myChannel->subscribe() on the server-side as described the initialization and subscriptions take place automatically as long as you use the ignite template helper as described below.

    var Ignite = Ignite || {};
    /* output the script for establishing websocket connection and subscriptions/unsubscriptions */
    <?= $this->ignite() ?>'message', function (data) {
        // handle event

    Ignite.channels.user.bind('message', function (data) {
        // handle event
    Ignite.channels.user.bind('pusher:member_added', function (member) {
        // handle presence channel user event
    Ignite.channels.notifications.bind('notification', function (data) {
        // handle event