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Realtime Web

Realtime Web refers to the Web using technologies that make it possible to receive new information as soon as it becomes available instead make periodic requests to a data source.

Realtime User Experience

The term Realtime User Experience refers to the time between the occurrence of an event and its perception by a user. In the context of web applications, this usually means server-side change to the dataset and the notification of a user about it. Is this time span so short that there is no relevant delay in the respective field of application one speaks of Realtime User Experience.

Web Realtime

The possibility of bidirectional client-server communication is also known as web realtime. In the field of science of real-time computing, applications or tasks can basically be classified as hard, firm or soft, whereby this classification refers to the effect of adhering to a defined deadline. So would be an exceeding of the deadline at one as a hard real-time classified application catastrophic in its context (e.g. system crash). Firm would mean that the result after the deadline no relevance has more, but few disregard tolerable - if they too reduce the quality of the service. If a system is defined neither as hard nor as firm,it is called soft, which means that the relevance of the result overTime decreases. According to this definition, web-realtime applications can be classified as soft, or firm, the transmitted data could here e.g. status updates, chat messages, or bids in an online trading system. The deadline is thus often subjective in collaborative applications after application and user.