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Python wrapper for eBay API
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python-ebay - Python Wrapper for eBay API

This project intends to create a simple python wrapper around eBay APIs.

How to Install

  1. Download python-ebay
  2. Rename: config.ini.example to config.ini
  3. Configure config.ini to it's required values. You need to generate the values from eBay Developer Program here
  4. python install This will install the package.
  5. How to Use (see all operations in /examples):
    from import FindProducts
    print FindProducts("pen", "false", "10", "JSON")

API Details

The detailed list of eBay's API and it's short description is listed on our wiki page here. This list might not be current, please refer for the most recent list here on official eBay developer website.


Apache License, Version 2.0 Please refer to details here:

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