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Basic Zendesk API PHP implementation

use as follow

$zendesk = new Zendesk($apiKey, $user, $subDomain, $suffix = '.json', $test = false);
$arr 	 = array("z_subject"=>"Help, my printer is on fire!",
	   "z_description"=>"help I need some help",
$create  = json_encode(array('ticket' => array('subject' => $arr['z_subject'], 'description' => $arr['z_description'], 'requester' => array('name' => $arr['z_name'], 'email' => $arr['z_requester']))), JSON_FORCE_OBJECT);
$data    = $zendesk->call("/tickets", $create, "POST");

print $data->ticket->id;

You're done !

Credits to Adam https://support.zendesk.com/entries/21462093-php-and-zendesk-quick-start-guide and Darren Scerri https://github.com/darrenscerri