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Taskwarrior Integration for Mattermost

This script serves to integrate taskwarrior's most basic set of commands with Mattermost. Each channel is taken to correspond to a given project.


  1. Have taskwarrior, PHP and some server software (e.g. nginx, Apache) running on your server.
  2. Put the files into some served directory: git clone https://github.com/jrenslin/mattermost-taskwarrior.git
  3. In Mattermost, create a new slash command.
  4. Insert the URL on which this script runs into the field Request URL and set task as the Command Trigger Word.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. In the directory this script is in, create a file settings.php. You can copy the sample: cp settings_sample.php settings.php.
  7. Copy the token to the array of allowed tokens.
  8. Done.


The usage is similar to taskwarrior's, though always specific to the channel you are currently posting in. Run /task add <Your task> to add a task, /task to list all tasks associated to the channel/project.

Supported commands

So far, only displaying (list), adding (add), and completing (done) tasks for a given project/channel are supported.