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Fix Race Level bugs from 0.0.3

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@jressey jressey released this 16 Feb 16:23
· 1 commit to master since this release

To play: Download, Unzip, Double-Click "Fantasy Snowboarding"


  • Use Left Stick to move player right and left on flat surfaces (buggy), use to accel and decel when going downhill.
  • Hold down A and release to jump.
  • Use Left Stick to flip clockwise or counter-clockwise when in the air.
  • Do tricks in the air:
    • Method: R-Trigger + X
    • Nosegrab: L-Trigger + B
  • Use R-Trigger for Turbo when on the ground
  • Use X to grind when you see a grind platform.
  • While grinding, use the Left Stick to keep balance (Just like Tony Hawk).

Scoring (Trick Level): There are lots of opportunities to increase your score on a combo. The best combos use lots of different tricks, use finesse time, collect a pickup multiplier and include a grind where possible.

  • Land safely, with snowboard flat on the ground, to commit your current combo score to the level score.
  • Each unique trick the player does increases the multiplier. For example if they do 1 backflip and 1 nosegrab in a combo, their multiplier will be 2. If they do 5 backflips and 5 nosegrabs in a combo, the multiplier would still be 2. However1 backflip, 1 nosegrab, and 1 method, the combo would be 3.
  • Collecting diamond-shaped icons introduces another multiplier (2, 3, or 5x).
  • Finesse Time: You can enter finesse time by holding a flip, but without pressing the control stick all the way against the side. Doing so doubles the points you collect for all the tricks you complete in this state.
  • Grinding: accumulates combo just like air tricks, you can grind from a jump and them jump again while maintaining a combo. Grinding will add 1 to the combo multiplier.

Defeating Enemies (Battle Level)

  • Enemies are defeated with a corresponding move.
  • Projectile Enemies are defeated with a Method (R-Trigger + X)
  • Melee Enemies are defeated with a Nosegrab (L-Trigger +B)
  • You will hear my lovely voice identify the enemy type for you.