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Ctrl + Shift + PageUp or PageDown is moving the tab two spaces, not one #2

druthers opened this Issue Apr 13, 2013 · 6 comments

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Hi, ... I'm using move-tabs 0.4 in Firefox 20.0.1, and I think this issue began with Firefox 19.0.0 ... running on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.

Ctrl + Shift + PageUp or PageDown is now always jumping the tab two spaces, instead of one space... Previously, move-tabs was working normally for about one year.

How can I fix this -- or are you planning a new version to correct this problem?

Thank You,



It turns out that Firefox 19 added them as built-in shortcuts (, which explains why it is firing twice. Therefore this extension is no longer needed (unless you use the Ctrl-Shift-{Home,End} shortcuts).


Yes, I frequently use the Ctrl-Shift-{Home,End} shortcuts -- and also I use the Ctrl-Shift-{PageUp,PageDown} shortcuts.

Therefore, I need to be able to turn off only the latter -- to stop the tab double movements --, so I can keep using the move tab to Home or End...

Please keep this issue open. Thank you.


I'll check as soon as I can. But if Firefox handle it natively, I hope they will also handle PageUp,PageDown too.


@jreybert: You mean Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn to switch tabs? That has always worked, at least on Linux.

jreybert commented May 1, 2013

@mechanical-snail: I typed too quickly last time. I sure meant Ctrl-Shift-{Home,End}


Hi @jreybert jreybert,
A year has passed. You probably forgot it but can you fix it ?
and another thing:
I recommend you to put ctrl-alt page up/down as the defaults to move tab to the tab bar edges instead of the current ctrl-shit Home/End because ctrl-shift-Home is already used to select the text of the page.

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