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Electron Java application - What if you could build Desktop applications on Java with HTML 5 UI
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llyorshch and jreznot Fix an issue when doing the bundle for macOS due to the .ico format (#16

* Fix to avoid custom icon issues to bundle the app for macOS
* build.gradle adjusted to avoid side effects in Linux
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Electron+Java Demo

Java Desktop Application with HTML 5 UI based on Electron and Vaadin.


  1. Node JS
  2. Electron
  3. Gradle
  4. JDK 8
  5. Jetty HTTP Server
  6. Vaadin Framework


  1. Easy building with Gradle
  2. Jetty server with Web Sockets enabled
  3. Vaadin UI code in plain Java
  4. Bi-directional WebSocket connection with Vaadin Push and Jetty WebSocket module
  5. Two way communication between Electron and web application using javascript functions
  6. Auto start / stop of server side on application init / exit
  7. Custom window header

Want to know how to implement all the features? See complete tutorial: !

Try it!


Build java application:

> gradlew build

Run debug version:

> gradlew runApp

Building standalone app

> gradlew bundleApp

Application will be bundled to build/bundle

If you want to see a real world application that is built with this approach take a look at CUBA Studio


Demo Image

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