Animate text displaying characters one-by-one with a specified delay, and a different delay between the ends of sentences and elements
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Animates text to display letter-by-letter kind of like the way speech text is displayed in video games.


Install with jam or bower

bower install jquery-say
jam install jquery-say


Ensure that whatever text you want to animate, that its visibility is set to hidden. Otherwise, you'll see the text until the $.fn.say function is called.

Make all p tags animate their text:

        // default: 50;   Time between each character
        delay:              50 
        // default: 800;  Time between each element
      , elementJumpDelay:   800
        // default: 500;  Time between each sentence
      , endOfSentenceDelay: 500
        // default .?!;   Character denoting sentence end
      , endOfSentenceChar: [ '.', '?', '!' ]
        // Called when the entire sequence is complete
      , onComplete:       function(){}
        // Called when an element is complete
      , onEndOfElement:   function( $prev, $curr ){}
        // Called when a sentence is complete
      , onEndOfSentence:  function( $el ){}
        // Called for each character processed
      , onChar:           function( character, $el ){}
    <p>I am going to animate. There's a short delay between each sentence, right?</p>
    <p>Yes, there is! And a longer one between element.</p>