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Hood Cleaning Directory

Things to do:

X create admin panel please - it's overdue!

X finish frontpage

X add pages like linked to in sample footer

X Get footer. built using a css file to declare all

Create friendly URLs. Experiment on sample site (this is not gone well -somewhat done)

X add picture download feature and update listing show to facilitate pictures

X metatags - added but need changes after images are ready

Next stage:

Setup social media for

X Setup social media interface for pilotcars to add their social media

rake assets:precompile RAILS_ENV=production

We're going to launch this for our Seattle Hood Cleaning Company first.

I've just tried creating a Google My Map for Miami Hood Cleaning Pros. It will be interesting to see if the links from the map are valuable.

We just completed a wordpress site for Nashville Hood Cleaning Pros. Hopefully it will rank quickly. We have tons of opportunities in Nashville.