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carpet cleaner happy
What would happen if I had a website that I built in Rails that ranked better than a website built in Wordpress? That's what I am going to set out to do! I am going to create a website with a CMS package, built in Rails and see if I can get it to outrank a wordpress site. I've been trying to get my carpet cleaning site to rank for months and it moves so slowly that it's crushing my ego.

So it makes me wonder about a couple issues:

  1. Would moving to SSL cert site with an https:// header improve the situation?
  2. Is there something that Google is downgrading me for?
  3. Is it the blogging platform? (it seems like 3/4 the world has there websites built in Wordpress.
  4. Could I build straight html5 pages and have them rank better?

The thing is, I am frustrated with ranking issues. People say - original content, at least 750 words on each page, then some backlinks. Then you'll rank. Well, seems like BS these days. I have dozens of links pointing to this site and the failure is maddening.

Outside of my carpet cleaning company website, I have some sites that rank very well. But they seem to be in much easier categories. In those cases, less than 10 backlinks made those sites move from internet obscurity to number one spots in the search engines in a matter of weeks. Now this damn carpet cleaner is hogging up over 30 backlinks and it still has not made page 1 for Reno Nevada. Crazy. But what do I do? I feel like I could throw a new backlink or two at it everyday and it still would not rank.

So now I am trying to post on more powerful websites to get juice to my little Reno carpet cleaners site. This post is an example of that. I think github has the most power of any site where you can openly post for free. I am so serious too. Crazy that this site has so much juice.

carpet cleaning company needs juice

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