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To run this code, you need three additional thing:

1. this jar file: 

2. this unigram data file from google unigrams:

3. this personalized-to-jenny ngram data file:

Once you have them, you run it like:

java -mx200m -cp .:stanford-corenlp-2011-04-22.jar keyboard.wordcompletions.WordCompletionModel prior-unigrams.txt sms-ngrams.txt

You will get a prompt >>

Type the beginning of a text message. If you end with a space, then it
assumes you are about to start a new word, and if it does not end in a
space then it assumes you are still working on the current word. Press
enter, and it will return an ordered list of suggestions, along with
their unnormalized probabilities. Here's an example where it predicts
the next word entirely:

>> What's yr 
[(address,0.9222661396574439), (email,0.620641194554238),
(status,0.603249890206412), (office,0.3277119016249451),
(favorite,0.301624945103206), (phone,0.216600790513834),
(gf,0.19920948616600792), (house,0.0782608695652174),
(place,0.0782608695652174), (not,0.052173913043478265),
(way,0.043478260869565216), (time,0.017391304347826087),
(day,0.017391304347826087), (car,0.017391304347826087),
(voicemail,0.017391304347826087), ...

and one where it tries to complete a word:

>> What t
[(time,1.8152279513029932), (the,0.23679706873048081),
(to,0.22925824637465894), (that,0.07919805849703984),
(thing,0.07516310017441079), (t,0.07438259900714314),
(theater,0.06885944867600084), (think,0.04059257405482038),
(there,0.023754044991812346), (this,0.021695054485951208),
(then,0.019973967038892176), (they,0.017226299409034116),
(too,0.011724943242072466), (tonight,0.01011775223062395),
(take,0.009779211347683234), ...

It can also predict how you will start a text:

[(I,0.14624846248462484), (Yeah,0.026445264452644522),
(It,0.018327183271832716), (Also,0.017958179581795818),
(Ok,0.015621156211562114), (No,0.015252152521525213),
(What,0.015129151291512913), (Hey,0.014883148831488313),
(And,0.014637146371463712), (You,0.013776137761377613),
(Oh,0.013038130381303812), (That,0.012546125461254611),
(Can,0.011562115621156211), (So,0.01094710947109471),
(How,0.01070110701107011), ...

Right now it is highly tuned to me. I can give you a script to run on
your text messages to get it customized to you instead.

Also, right now there is no spelling correction, although I do know
how I want to implement that. 
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