A Campfire protocol plugin for libpurple (Pidgin)
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A campfire plugin for Pidgin, Adium and other libpurple based messengers.


$ sudo apt-get install build-essential make libpurple-dev git-core
$ git clone git://github.com/jrfoell/campfire-libpurple.git
$ cd campfire-libpurple
$ sudo make
$ sudo make install

And now, restart Pidgin.


Now that it installed, here’s how to configure it for your account:

  • Open “Manage Accounts”.
  • Click “New…”
  • Select the “Campfire” protocol.
  • Enter your username and the hostname of your campfire server.
  • Get an API key from the “my info” link on your campfire server’s web interface. (In short: use a web browser to get this info.)
  • Enter the API key in the “Advanced” tab.
  • Save the account.

Theoretically, you should now be able to chat on Campfire using Pidgin. Here’s how to join a room:

  • In the Pidgin Buddy List, select menu item Buddies > “Join a chat…”
  • Select the “Campfire” protocol from the dropdown list.
  • Click “Room List” to get a list of rooms available on your Campfire server.
  • Select the room you wish to join, then click “Join Room”. A new chat window should open up to that room.
  • You may have to close the “Join a chat” dialog box.


  • guitarmanvt - this help
  • jrfoell
  • jfoell
  • mtseinart