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Quasi, a opensource Twitter client

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Quasi, A Web-Based Twitter Client

Hallo! I see you're reading this, which means you're insane. Or something like that. Anyway, you're reading this. So I'll stop rambling and start coding. ;)

Quasi is a Twitter Client for the web. I started this with the intent of learning the Twitter API and some JavaScript, but I'm going to try and take it somewhere.

This is forked from the "Fork-A-Twitter-Client" project. I took their base (which only does a timeline) and i'm editing it so it'll work for everything else.


In no particular order, here's the roadmap.

  • Get mentions working

  • Get direct messages working

  • Get new-style-RTs to show up properly.

  • While I'm working on new-style-RTs, unwrap the domain

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