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DeepaMehta 4 Access Control

This plugin adds access control to DeepaMehta 4: configurable access privilegs by the means of users, groups, roles, and access control lists (ACLs). Access control might be an issue with shared DeepaMehta installations.

DeepaMehta 4 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management.


The DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin is typically installed while the DeepaMehta 4 standard installation.
See link above.

WARNING: This plugin is in early state and not yet ready for production use. That's why it is installed but deactivated by default. Do not activate the plugin on a DeepaMehta 4 installation that holds your real content. Although you would not loose any data your installation might not properly upgrade to later versions of the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin.

Activate the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin via the Apache Felix shell (the terminal window that opens while starting DeepaMehta):

  1. Find out the bundle ID of the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin by using the lb command (list bundles):


    You will find the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin and its bundle ID (it is supposed to be 39 or something like that) in the displayed list of bundles:

    ID|State      |Level|Name
    ..|..         |..   |..
    39|Resolved   |    1|DeepaMehta 4 Access Control (0.4.1)

    The Resolved state means the plugin is not yet activated.

  2. Activate the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin by using the start command:

    start 39

    While the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin starts you'll see some information logged.

    Now, when using the lb command again you see the DeepaMehta 4 Access Control plugin in Active state:

    39|Active     |    1|DeepaMehta 4 Access Control (0.4.1)
  3. Stop DeepaMehta and start it again (as described in its README).
    Sorry for this extra step!

  4. You're done. The DeepaMehta browser window opens automatically.


  • Login via the Special menu.
    Initially one user exists: admin without password.

  • Simple access privilegs are pre-configured:

    • To create or edit any content you must login.
    • A guest user can search/view everything but can't create or edit anything.
    • An user can edit only the topics she has created.

    For the moment the access privilegs are not configurable by the user.

  • Create a new user by choosing User from the type menu and pressing the Create button.

  • Modify an user (e.g. change its password) by revealing the user topic and pressing the Edit button.

  • Logout via the Special menu.

Version History

v0.4.1 -- Jan 3, 2011

  • New role: MEMBER.
  • Extended service API.
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 3 v0.4.4

v0.4 -- Nov 25, 2010

  • 2 permissions: WRITE, CREATE.
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 3 v0.4.3

Jörg Richter
Jan 3, 2011

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