DeepaMehta 4 module for displaying geo-related topics on a geographical map.
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DM4 Geomaps

A DeepaMehta 4 module for displaying geo-related topics on geographical maps.



  1. Install the DM4 Facets plugin. See link above.

  2. Download the DM4 Geomaps plugin:

  3. Move the DM4 Geomaps plugin to the deepamehta-4.0.11/bundle folder.

  4. Restart DeepaMehta.


Create a geomap:

  1. Choose New Topicmap... from the Topicmap menu. The New Topicmap dialog box appears.

  2. Type in the topicmap name and choose Geomap from the Type menu.

  3. Press Create. The geomap appears.

Place markers on the geomap:

  • Create a Person or Institution topic, and type in its address. Once you press the Save button a corresponding marker is placed on the geomap.

  • Reveal an existing Person or Institution by performing a search. Once you click a result item a corresponding marker is placed on the geomap.

Get information about a marker:

  • Just click the marker. You see the underlying topic's detail information in the right-side panel.

Note: geomaps are working also for your self-defined domain types. Just add the Address topic type to your type definition. (The Address topic type is provided by the Contacts plugin which is part of the DeepaMehta standard distribution.)

Version History

0.3 -- May 19, 2012

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.0.11

0.2 -- Jan 19, 2011

  • SVG overlay for feature rendering (OpenLayers vector layer replaces marker layer).
  • Automatic feature relocation in case of an address change.
  • Distinctive rendering of selected feature.
  • The selected feature is always within viewport.
  • Support for programatic feature selection.
  • Service call for getting all the domain topics of a geomap.
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.0.7

0.1 -- Nov 27, 2011

  • Creating geomaps.
  • Automatic marker placement for geo-related topics.
  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.0.6

Jörg Richter
May 19, 2012