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DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets Demo

A simple DeepaMehta 4 plugin that demonstrates the usage of WebSockets.

  • Provides a minimal HTML page that acts as a WebSocket client.
  • Provides a server-side part that listens to topic update events and pushes them to all connected WebSocket clients.

DeepaMehta 4 is a platform for collaboration and knowledge management.


  1. Install the DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets plugin:

  2. Install this demo plugin.

  3. Start DeepaMehta.


  1. Open the WebSocket client:

    A simple HTML page appears.
    It opens a WebSocket connection to ws://localhost:8081/ and sends a greeting message.

    In the server log you'll see:

     Apr 18, 2016 5:13:07 PM de.deepamehta.websockets.WebSocketConnection onOpen
     INFO: ### Opening a WebSocket connection for plugin "de.deepamehta.websockets-example"
     Apr 18, 2016 5:13:07 PM de.deepamehta.websockets.demo.WebSocketsDemoPlugin websocketTextMessage
     INFO: ### Receiving message from WebSocket client: "Hello WebSockets server!"
  2. In the WebSocket client: open the browser's web console. You'll see:

     Opening WebSocket connection to ws://localhost:8081/

    Further messages will appear here soon.

  3. In another browser window (or in another browser): open the DeepaMehta Webclient and log in.

  4. In the DeepaMehta Webclient: create or edit any topics.
    All topic update events are broadcasted to all connected WebSocket clients. The events appear in their web consoles.

Version History

0.3 -- Apr 18, 2016

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.8 and DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets 0.3

0.2.3 -- Mar 22, 2014

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.7 and DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets 0.2.3

0.2.2 -- Dec 3, 2014

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.4 and DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets 0.2.2

0.2.1 -- Jun 8, 2014

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.3 and DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets 0.2.1

0.2 -- Feb 18, 2014

  • Compatible with DeepaMehta 4.2 and DeepaMehta 4 WebSockets 0.2

Jörg Richter
Apr 18, 2016


A simple plugin to demonstrate the usage of WebSockets in DeepaMehta 4



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