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A simple webclient for the DeepaMehta 5 platform
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DMX Mobile

A simple webclient for the DMX platform that is optimized for small screens.

A running DMX installation is required.


DMX Mobile assumes being cloned inside DMX's bundle-dev directory (resp. modules-external if you've built DMX from source):

cd bundle-dev
git clone


cd dmx-mobile
mvn clean package

This 1) installs the Node modules (in dmx-mobile's node_modules) required for building, 2) builds the dmx-mobile.jar, and 3) moves dmx-mobile.jar to the DMX platform's bundle-deploy directory (so it gets automatically hot-deployed, no DMX server restart required).


Open this page:


Run in Dev Mode

cd dmx-mobile
npm run dev

This launches the Webpack Dev Server (at port 8084), builds DMX Mobile on-the-fly, and opens it in a browser window. From this moment when you change DMX Mobile source code, the changes appear immediately in the browser window. No build-step required. No page reload required.

Version History

5.0-beta-1 -- Nov 29, 2019

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