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Attribute VB_Name = "StockAnalyzer"
Option Explicit
' Sheet Names
Private Const DASHBOARD_SHEET As String = "Dashboard"
Private Const SYMBOL_SHEET As String = "Symbols"
Private Const DESTINATION_RANGE As String = "$D$1" ' destination range for imported data
' URL of Yahoo Finance API for Historical Stock Prices
Private Const YAHOO_URL As String = ""
' Main macro called when user press the "Load" button.
' This macro executes all other macros that read user inputs,
' build a valid URL and load data from Yahoo Finance into Excel.
Public Sub Run()
Dim url As String ' complete and valid URL of Yahoo Finance
' clear table containing imported data
Call ClearData
' build URL based on user inputs
url = BuildURL()
' load data from Yahoo Finance
Call LoadExternalData(url)
End Sub
' Clear table containing the imported data
Private Sub ClearData()
End Sub
' Get user input data from worksheet and prepare the URL.
' Input data: stock, starting date, ending date, and frequency.
' @param sheetName: Name of Main Worksheet
Private Function BuildURL() As String
Dim stockSymbol As String
Dim startDate As Date, endDate As Date
Dim startYear As Integer, startMonth As Integer, startDay As Integer
Dim endYear As Integer, endMonth As Integer, endDay As Integer
Dim frequency As String
Dim url As String
With ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(DASHBOARD_SHEET)
' Get stock symbol
stockSymbol = .[B2].Value
' Get starting date and extract day, month and year
startDate = .[B3].Value
startYear = Year(startDate)
startMonth = Month(startDate) - 1
startDay = Day(startDate)
' Get ending date and extract day, month and year
endDate = .[B4].Value
endYear = Year(endDate)
endMonth = Month(endDate) - 1
endDay = Day(endDate)
' Get frequency
frequency = .[B5].Value
Select Case frequency
Case "Daily"
frequency = "d"
Case "Weekly"
frequency = "w"
Case "Monthly"
frequency = "m"
Case "Dividends Only"
frequency = "v"
Case Else
frequency = "" ' unknown frequency
End Select
' Build the url based on the extracted values
' WARNING: -1 must be substracted from months,
' i.e. January = 0, February = 1, ..., December = 11.
url = url & "?s=" & stockSymbol
url = url & "&a=" & startMonth
url = url & "&b=" & startDay
url = url & "&c=" & startYear
url = url & "&d=" & endMonth
url = url & "&e=" & endDay
url = url & "&f=" & endYear
url = url & "&g=" & frequency
End With
BuildURL = url
End Function
' Fetch online data using Yahoo Finance API for Historical Stock Values
' @param url: URL of online API (containing parameters)
' @param sheetName: Name of Worksheet
' @param destRange: Destination Range
Private Sub LoadExternalData(url As String)
Dim q As QueryTable
Dim s As Worksheet
Dim r As Range
' Avoids alert messages when replacing data
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
' Set desintation sheet and destination range for the returned data
Set s = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets(DASHBOARD_SHEET)
' Indicates that the result returned by the URL is a text file.
url = "TEXT;" & url
' Fetch online data using QueryTable Object:
' - Create a new QueryTable using QueryTables.Add(URL, DestinationRange)
' - Use QueryTable.Refresh to send the request to Yahoo Finance API
' - Finally, delete the QueryTable using QueryTable.Delete
Set q = s.QueryTables.Add(url, r)
With q
.RefreshStyle = xlOverwriteCells ' Replace current cells
.BackgroundQuery = False ' Synchronous Query
.TextFileParseType = xlDelimited ' Parsing Type (column separated by a character)
.TextFileTextQualifier = xlTextQualifierDoubleQuote ' Column Name Delimiter ""
.TextFileCommaDelimiter = True ' Column Separator
End With
' Destroys the QueryTable object (used only once)
' Re-enables alert messages
Application.DisplayAlerts = True
End Sub