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iex (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('')


Connect-NSArray -name -password <clear text for now>
New-NSVolume -name myvol -size 2tb

A VDI type example would be something like this. It assume you have a CloneTest volume, it snaps it and creates a clone from it and then provides the same security access. From this point you could mount the volume as a datastore in the vm environment.

Get-NSSnapShot -Volume clonetest
Get-NSVolume -Name clonetest| New-NSSnapshot -Name CloneTest2 | New-NSClone -Name CloneTest2
Get-NSSnapShot -Volume clonetest
Get-NSVolume clonetest2 | Get-NSVolumeACL
Add-NSInitiatorGroupToVolume -InitiatorGroup esx -Volume clonetest2 -Access Volume
Get-NSVolume clonetest2 | Get-NSVolumeACL
Get-NSVolume clonetest2 | Get-NSVolumeACL | Get-NSInitiatorGroup

Remove the clone and snapshot Remove-NSVolume clonetest2 -Force Get-NSVolume clonetest | Get-NSSnapShot | Remove-NSSnapShot

Please let me know if any features are needed.

Thanks Justin