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SCA Where's the Water website

  • Copyright 2010 Scottish Canoe Association
  • Copyright 2017 Jonathan Riddell
  • May be copied under the GNU GPL version 3 or later only
  • The contents of data/ may be copied under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 licence

wheres-the-water.php is body which can be viewed or used at

sidebar.php is drupal is body of side block old-html/wheres-water-drupal-content.html is drupal body of old site

Old Version

The old version was written many years ago. It had a Java backend which ran on cron to download SEPA data from private database connection and put it into SCA website Drupal database. Mixing the WtW data into multiple tables in the Drupal database is unnecessary and complicates things. The Java source code has been lost so the site needs to be rewritten. These days SEPA provides public CSV files which list the gauges and ones for each river with current readings, so we just use these.


./phpunit GrabSepaGaugesTest.php ./phpunit GrabSepaRiversTest.php ./phpunit GrabSepaRiverTest.php ./phpunit ScratchTest.php ./phpunit RiverSectionsTest.php (note this needs a database connection)

database connection: only used for data import from old drupal/java system which stored the river data in Drupal's mysql database config/database.php: