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Unlock will allow the system to unlock and mount CoreStorage encrypted volumes during boot (and before a User logs in). In other words, this allows you to log in as a User whose home directory is on an encrypted secondary volume without any problems.


  • Find the UUID of the CoreStorage Logical Volume you are trying to unlock (run diskutil cs list in the terminal and search for the LV UUID; it will be a string like: "497C771B-63FE-461F-AD7B-0BEF9A6BA718").
  • Run bash <(curl -s in the terminal
  • You will be asked for your login password.
  • Next, enter the UUID when asked.
  • Finally, enter the passphrase you used to encrypt the volume when asked.
  • Everything should be set up! Restart your computer and log in to test.


  • Run bash <(curl -s in the terminal (you'll be asked for your login password) to remove all traces from the system.


If you have a problem, file a bug report or fix it and submit a pull request.

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