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intro to product variations using pickle fields (unfinished)

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+How to add variations to a product
+django-shop ships with an additional module (django-shop_simplevariations) to
+add two kind of variations, an option group and a text option. As an add on,
+this module can be used for any kind of product.
+By using the built-in variations, the product model itself may specify any kind
+of thinkable variations. This variation model transparently integrates into the
+checkout process of the shop.
+The benefits:
+- Any kind of information can be stored together with the product.
+- Identical variations are always serialized to the same string, so identical
+product variations will sum up in CartItem, whereas different variations of the
+same product create individual CartItem entries.
+- A customer may readd an already shipped item from the list of orders to the
+- The product model must not deal with problems, such as adding variation details
+to the CartItem, OrderItem or an external WishItem.
+When using the django-shop-wishlists, the built-in variations are a required feature.
+From Github install Picklefield
+As a simple example, your product shall display a chooser for different colors.
+Add one or more variations to your product model::

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