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This is a sample that uses FTP to implement a file system provider in VS Code. We try to keep this extension up-to-date as we are refining and changing the proposed API for remote file systems.

Try It

You need a couple of things before you can start

  • have a ftp server to talk to
  • update extension.ts with your server details (address and auth)
  • run npm install
  • compile with npm run compile

Now you can run this extension but make sure to open a Workspace.

  • Press F5 to start a new instance of VS Code
  • Ensure you have a Workspace (not a plain folder or file) open
    • Select 'F1 > Save Workspace As...' and follow the steps
    • Reload the window

At this moment you should see files and folders from your ftp-server showing up in the explorer.


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