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What is PhotoPlace?

It is a multiplatform program (tested on Linux and Windows platforms) developed with python 2.x (>= 2.6) to easily geotag your photos.

Also, with a track log from a GPS device, it can generate a Google Earth /Maps layer with your photos. Moreover, the program can be easily adapted by editing templates and its functionality can be complemented with plugins, for example there is a plugin to generate a music tour that can be used to present your photo collection.


For more details, visit the project web: . As well, for suggestions, you can write to


Donations via PayPal:

The authors and developers hope you like this program. We would really appreciate it if you would consider making a small donation: half of the money will be donated to a local NGO Ecodesarrollo Gaia ( that helps people in Senegal (Africa), with the other half, we would like to visit Australia and, in connection with a geotagging program, my antipodes in New Zeland, and your coins can help us to achieve this goals.

Thanks to

  • Noela Sánchez for the idea of this program and helping with translations.
  • Vivake Gupta ( for (in plugin )
  • Juan Amores for the suggestions and tests on Windows.