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What is PhotoPlace?

It is a multiplatform program developed in python to easily geotag your photos. Also, by providing a track log from a GPS device, it is able to generate a Google Earth/Maps layer with all photos.

It was tested on Linux and Windows platforms with python 2.x series and you can download it from the downloads section. Moreover, the program can be easily adapted by editing templates and its functionality can be complemented with plugins, for example there is a plugin to generate a music tour that can be used to present your photo collection.

What does it do?

It can be able to do a lot of things ... ok, ok, what a powerful imagination!, not all of that ...

Let's see a example, imagine that you go on a trip carrying a GPS device (a mobile phone, for example) and you take a lot of photos in differents places. In the future, it can be difficult to remember where each foto was taken ... but, the GPS has been taking your position at all times ... and, how assign each photo to its location? PhotoPlace is what you want!

Basically, it's a program that crosses GPS location data (track log) with your photos and generate a Google Earth layer, so you can view your photos on location with Google Maps or Google Earth. Plus, you will be able to share your photos in a single compressed file with your comments, anecdotes ...

and ... how is it?

Well, when it's executed, it tries to launch a GTK user interface, but it can operate in command line mode as a batch process, all needed options are taken from the configuration file or from command line as arguments. You can see some screen shots at http://jriguera.github.io/photoplace .

How much is it?

It's free of charge! It's free software released under Apache License 2.0, so you can download it and make all changes you want!. You have a quick summary here.