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Scalper provides some utility functions that make your life with scalarium a little bit easier:

scalper show              # show current json configuration
scalper context           # show available contexts (context == scalarium action)
scalper context <context> # switch to context <context>
scalper list              # list the chef recipes of the current context
scalper list all          # list all chef recipes available
scalper update            # update custom cookbooks (only public git repos are supported)
scalper update self       # update scalper
scalper tail              # tail log of the currently running process (uses "less")
scalper exec              # execute all recipes of the current context
scalper exec <recipes>    # only execute the specified recipes (separate by comma without blanks)  
scalper info              # output the most important paths

install (as root) in any running scalarium instance with:

    bash < <(curl


Furthermore, a grease monkey script to open ssh sessions of the type ssh://ubuntu@<server>
In order to install the grease monkey script, click on this tiny little helpful link: