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Joseph R. Jones edited this page Dec 29, 2015 · 3 revisions

Welcome to the wiki!

This will be a site for documenting the source code, deployment, and procedures for I'm gradually making this information more public in the interest of sharing the learning (read: mistakes) for the site's design, implementation, and deployment.

A few key elements will be added initially:

  • SiteGoalsAndPriorities will outline the goals and priorities for the site
  • DevEnvironment will cover getting a development environment up and running
  • HostingInfrastructure will describe how the site is hosted
  • Procedures will document the processes for updating the site
  • Tools will document the custom tools used (with an emphasis on back-end stuff, not front-end site design.)
  • Roadmap will talk about the projects I have slated for the near future
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