Code for Spenser's Color Wheel, a Spenser Project deformance exercise.
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Spenser's Color Wheel

A Spenser deformance project for the conclusion of the 2016 HDW Summer Workshop at WashU. Using color words from WordNet, this data visualization finds all lines that include a color term in The Faerie Queene (and, for comparison, in A Midsummer Night's Dream) and displays that data in a pie graph.

When a user clicks on a color in the pie graph, the lines for that color are displayed. They can then select multiple colors, and the visualization will randomly reorder the lines, creating new, evocative color poems. Using the dropdowns for each Book of the epic, the user can create poems that combine all the "red" lines from Book 1 with all the "green" lines from Book 4 and so on.

A working demo of the visualization can be found here.