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* Name: Mahana Messaging Library for CodeIgniter
* Author: Jeff Madsen
* Location: -
* Description: CI library for linking to application's existing user table and creating basis of an internal messaging system
* No views or controllers included - DO CHECK the README.txt for setup instructions and notes
Welcome to the Mahana Messaging Library for CodeIgniter
This library is intended as a starting off point for building an internal messaging system for your CodeIgniter application. It does NOT include any controllers or views. To use this library:
1) download from github at the above url
2) there are 5 files (not including this README):
- mahana.sql -- run this sql script in your database. Note that these tables are all InnoDB - Mahana uses transactions
- config/mahana.php -- you will need to set up your existing users table information here, following the sample data style
- language/english/mahana_lang.php -- all error and success messages can be changed here, or multilingual support can be added
-- models/mahana_model.php -- the database model
-- libraries/Mahana_messaging -- the main library file
3) from your controller, load the library as either:
$msg = $this->mahana_messaging->get_message($msg_id, $sender_id);
$mahana = new Mahana_messaging();
$msg = $mahana->get_message($msg_id, $sender_id);
4) All functions return the array:
$status['err'] 1= error, 0 = no error
$status['code'] a specific code for that return value, found in config/mahana.php
$status['msg'] a configurable message, found in language/english/mahana_lang.php
$status['retval'] (optional) returned array of data
5) Features
Mahana Messaging has a couple of small features you should be aware of:
1) using the config/mahana.php constants USER_TABLE_TABLENAME, USER_TABLE_ID, USER_TABLE_USERNAME you may quickly and easily integrate the messaging library with your exisiting user table
2) all return messages are configurable and can be made multi-lingual
3) return array $status makes for easy conversion to json format for ajax-based systems
4) get_full_thread() and get_all_threads() have a unique parameter - $full_thread. If set to true, a newly added participant to a thread can see all messages dating BEFORE he was added, allowing him to "catch up" on the conversation. Ideal for adding a manager or a new salesperson to a conversation.
Thank you for using Mahana Messaging! Please be sure to leave the author's credits in the library file.
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