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Quickstart guide for FreeBSD testing

Ravenports requires bootstrapping on each supported platform. Currently it has been bootstrapped for FreeBSD amd64, DragonFly x86_64, Linux x86_64 and Solaris/Illumos.

Quickstep 1. Obtain bootstrap pkg(8) for FreeBSD

A static version of pkg(8) has been built for FreeBSD 11 and later. It has been prepackaged along with an initial configuration file to allow for quick installation. To obtain the tarball:

fetch http://www.ravenports.com/repository/raven-freebsd64-bootstrap.tar.gz

There are two reasons the existing pkg(8) isn't used:

  1. The ravenports repository is wildly distinct from the Standard FreeBSD repositories, so having one pkg(8) handling both can easily lead to stock FreeBSD packages getting removed.
  2. The major reason is that Ravenports packages are compressed with the Zstandard algorithm which the stock pkg(8) does not recognize.
Note: The original test repository (xz-compressed) at http://muscles.dragonflybsd.org/misc/Ravenports/
  is no longer updated and will be removed in the future.

Quickstep 2: Extract contents

To extract the contents to /raven:

tar -C / -xzf raven-freebsd64-bootstrap.tar.gz

Quickstep 3. Fetch repository information

/raven/sbin/pkg-static upgrade

Quickstep 4. Install Ravenports metaport

 /raven/sbin/pkg-static install -y ravenports-single-freebsd_amd64

Quickstep 5. Configure Ravenadm

/raven/bin/ravenadm configure

The default configuration should be okay. Just hit RETURN key.

Quickstep 6. Get latest version of ravenports

/raven/bin/ravenadm update-ports

Quickstep 7. Try building some port

/raven/bin/ravenadm build libxml2
/raven/bin/ravenadm build less:color

That should result in functional Ravenports build system.

Quickstep 8. Update search paths and rc.conf directories

Set ~/.profile, ~/.cshrc, etc files to add "/raven/sbin" and "/raven/bin" to the PATH environment variable. You may also wish to remove "/usr/local/*" paths at the same time if FreeBSD ports will no longer be used.

add the following to /etc/rc.conf file:


Quickstep 9. Disable system pkg bootstrap

FreeBSD is unique in that it comes with /usr/sbin/pkg which functions to bootstrap the pkg program. Unfornately, even with /raven in the PATH, this system program is executed before /raven/sbin/pkg.

For users that want to use ravenports exclusively, you may want to rename /usr/sbin/pkg (e.g. /usr/sbin/pkg.system). Alternatively you may wish to set an alias, or just specify pkg-static for ravenports. This program is unique to ravenports and never suffers from ambiguity.

Additional references:

  1. Current list of available ports
  2. standard command descriptions
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