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quickstart sunos

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Quickstart guide for Solaris/Illumos users

Ravenports requires bootstrapping on each supported platform. For Solaris/Illumos, the only supported platform is x86_64 (forward compatible from Solaris 10u8 and later).

NOTE: For Solaris/Illumos, Ravenports is effectively binary packages ONLY

Unlike BSD and Linux, Solaris cannot execute older system libraries in chroot. Trying to build packages with ravenadm on any platform other that Solaris 10u8 will result in bad syscall errors. However, all the packages downloaded from the ravenports repositories will work fine with the newer platform's system libraries, including Solaris 11 and Illumos variants. Building packages will require a dedicated sysroot for the exact platform being built.

As Solaris 10u8 is very difficult to come by, for most users Ravenports is effectively only a binary package system. However, if demand warrants it, system roots can be built for specific releases to allow users to build and configure their only packages as is done by users of other platforms.

Quickstep 1. Obtain bootstrap pkg(8) for SunOS

A static version of pkg(8) has been built for Solaris 10u8 and later (including Illumos derivatives). It has been prepackaged along with an initial configuration file to allow for quick installation. To obtain the tarball:


Quickstep 2: Extract contents

To extract the contents to /raven, e.g:

tar -xzf raven-sunos-bootstrap.tar.gz -C /

The following files should be installed now:


Quickstep 3: Update search paths

As root, edit the profile to alter path

vi ~/.profile

e.g. change PATH from

export PATH=/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin


export PATH=/raven/bin:/raven/sbin:/usr/gnu/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

(or perhaps add that line to ~/.bashrc)

Then log out and log back in again. Check.

printenv PATH

It's important to set the path now because some installation scripts may assume raven-specific executables are available during install time.

Solaris/Illumos may contain the IPS package manager pkg in the search path,
e.g. /usr/bin/pkg.  This name conflicts with the ravenports manager.  It
may be a good idea to rename the existing pkg to "pkg-ips".  Likewise,
one may use "pkg-static" instead of /raven/sbin/pkg to avoid name pollution.
The examples below continue with the full path for clarity's sake.

Quickstep 4. Fetch repository information

/raven/sbin/pkg upgrade

Quickstep 5. Install a package

/raven/sbin/pkg install -y vim-single-standard

Additional references:

  1. Current list of available ports
  2. Current packages (subset of available ports)
  3. standard command descriptions
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