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Changes in 2.2.1
* FIX: afpd: increase BerkeleyDB locks and lockobjs
* FIX: afpd: create special folder as root
* FIX: afpd: fix compilation error if --enable-ddp is used
* FIX: afpd: More robust IPC reconnect error handling
* FIX: afpd: ACL access checking
* FIX: cnid_dbd: increase BerkeleyDB locks and lockobjs
* FIX: cnid_dbd: implement -d option, deletes CNID db
* FIX: suse: initscript return better status
* FIX: Sourcecode distribution: add missing headers
* FIX: Solaris 10: missing dirfd replacement function
Changes in 2.2
* NEW: afpd: new volume option "nonetids"
* NEW: afpd: ACL access check caching
* NEW: afpd: FCE event notifications
* NEW: afpd: new option "-mimicmodel" for specifying Bonjour model registration
* UPD: Support for Berkeley DB 5.1
* UPD: case-conversion is based on Unicode 6.0.0
* UPD: cnid_metad: allow up to 4096 volumes
* UPD: afpd: only forward SIGTERM and SIGUSR1 from parent to childs
* UPD: afpd: use internal function instead of popening du -sh in order to
calculate the used size of a volume for option "volsizelimit"
* UPD: afpd: Add negative UUID caching, enhance local UUID handling
* FIX: afpd: configuration reload with SIGHUP
* FIX: afpd: crashes in the dircache
* FIX: afpd: Correct afp logout vs dsi eof behaviour
* FIX: afpd: new catsearch was broken
* FIX: afpd: only use volume UUIDs in master afpd
* FIX: dbd: Multiple fixes, reliable locking
* FIX: ad file suite: fix an error that resulted in CNID database inconsistencies
Changes in 2.2beta4
* NEW: afpd: new afpd.conf options "tcprcvbuf" and "tcpsndbuf" to customize
the corresponding TCP socket options.
* NEW: afpd: new afpd.conf option "nozeroconf" which disabled automatic
Zeroconf service registration.
* FIX: afpd: generate mersenne primes for DHX2 UAM once at startup,
not for every login
* FIX: afpd: DSI streaming deadlock
* FIX: afpd: extended sleep
* FIX: afpd: directory cache
* FIX: Support for platforms that do not have the *at functions
* UPD: afpd: put POSIX write lock on volume files while reading them
Changes in 2.2beta3
* FIX: afpd: fix option volsizelimit to return a usefull value for the
volume free space using `du -sh` with popen
* FIX: afpd: fix idle connection disconnects
* FIX: afpd: don't disconnect sessions for clients if boottimes don't match
* FIX: afpd: better handling of very long filenames that contain many
multibyte UTF-8 glyphs
Changes in 2.2beta2
* NEW: afpd: AFP 3.3
* UPD: afpd: AFP 3.x can't be disabled
Changes in 2.2beta1
* FIX: composition of Surrogate Pair
* UPD: gentoo,suse,cobalt,tru64: inistscript name is "netatalk", not "atalk"
* UPD: gentoo: rc-update install don't hook in the Makefile
Changes in 2.2alpha5
* UPD: afpd: new option "searchdb" which enables fast catalog searches
using the CNID db.
* UPD: Case-insensitive fast search with the CNID db
* UPD: cnid_dbd: afpd now passes the volume path, not the db path when
connecting for a volume. cnid_dbd will read the
".AppleDesktop/.volinfo" file of the volume in order to figure
out the CNID db path and the volume charset encoding.
Changes in 2.2alpha4
* NEW: Enhanced CNID "dbd" database for fast name search support.
Important: this makes cnidscheme "cdb" incompatible with "dbd".
* NEW: afpd: support for fast catalog searches
* NEW: ad utility: ad find
* UPD: afpd: CNID database versioning check for "cdb" scheme
* UPD: cnid_dbd: CNID database versioning and upgrading. Additional
CNID database index for fast name searches.
Changes in 2.2alpha3
* FIX: afpd: various fixes
* FIX: Any daemon did not run if atalkd doesn't exist (redhat/debian)
Changes in 2.2alpha2
* FIX: afpd: fix compilation error when ACL support is not available
* FIX: Ensure Appletalk manpages and config files are distributed
Changes in 2.2alpha1
* NEW: ad utility: ad cp
* NEW: ad utility: ad rm
* NEW: ad utility: ad mv
* NEW: afpd: dynamic directoy and CNID cache (new config option -dircachesize)
* NEW: afpd: POSIX 1e ACL support
* NEW: afpd: automagic Zeroconf registration with avahi, registering both
the service _afpovertcp._tcp and TimeMachine volumes with _adisk._tcp.
* UPD: afpd: ACLs usable (though not visible on the client side) without common
directory service, by mapping ACLs to UARight
* UPD: afpd: performance improvements for ACL access calculations
* UPD: AppleTalk is disabled by default at configuration time. If needed
use configure switch --enable-ddp.
* FIX: afpd: Solaris 10 compatibilty fix: don't use SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO,
use non-blocking IO and select instead.
* FIX: cnid_dbd: Solaris 10 compatibilty fix: don't use SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO,
use non-blocking IO and select instead.
* REM: afile/achfile/apple_cp/apple_mv/apple_rm: use ad
Changes in 2.1.6
* FIX: afpd: Fix for LDAP user cache corruption
* FIX: afpd: Fix for not shown ACLs for when filesyem uid or gid
couldn't be resolved because (eg deleted users/groups)
* FIX: gentoo: cannot set $CNID_CONFIG
* FIX: ubuntu: servername was empty
* FIX: Solaris: configure script failed to enable DDP module
* FIX: AppleDouble buffer overrun by extremely long filename
* UPD: afpd: return version info with machine type in DSIGetStatus
* UPD: dbd: use on-disk temporary rebuild db instead of in-memory db
* UPD: suse: initscript update
Changes in 2.1.5
* UPD: afpd: support newlines in -loginmesg with \n escaping syntax
* UPD: afpd: support for changed chmod semantics on ZFS with ACLs
in onnv145+
* FIX: afpd: fix leaking ressource when moving objects on the server
* FIX: afpd: backport Solaris 10 compatibilty fix from 2.2: don't use
SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO, use non-blocking IO and select instead.
* FIX: afpd: misaligned memory access on Sparc in ad_setattr, fixes
bug 3110004.
* FIX: cnid_dbd: backport Solaris 10 compatibilty fix from 2.2: don't
use SO_SNDTIMEO/SO_RCVTIMEO, use non-blocking IO and select instead.
Changes in 2.1.4
* FIX: afpd: Downstream fix for FreeBSD PR 148022
* FIX: afpd: Fixes for bugs 3074077 and 3074078
* FIX: afpd: Better handling of symlinks in combination with ACLs and EAs.
Fixes bug 3074076.
* FIX: dbd: Adding a file with the CNID from it's adouble file did
not work in case that CNID was already occupied in the database
* FIX: macusers: add support for Solaris
* NEW: cnid_metad: use a PID lockfile
* NEW: afpd: prevent log flooding
* UPD: dbd: ignore ".zfs" snapshot directories
* UPD: dbd: support interrupting -re mode
Changes in 2.1.3
* FIX: afpd: fix a serious error in networking IO code
* FIX: afpd: Solaris 10 compatibilty fix: don't use SO_SNDTIMEO, use
non-blocking IO and select instead for writing/sending data.
* UPD: Support for BerkeleyDB 5.0.
Changes in 2.1.2
* FIX: afpd: fix for possible crash in case more then one server is
configured in afpd.conf.
* FIX: afpd: ExtendedAttributes in FreeBSD
* FIX: afpd: sharing home folders corrupted the per volume umask.
* UPD: afpd: umask for home folders is no longer taken from startup umask.
* UPD: afpd: dont and permissions with parent folder when creating new
directories on "upriv" volumes.
* UPD: afpd: use 'afpserver@fqdn' instead of 'afpserver/fqdn@realm'.
Prevents a crash in older GNU GSSAPI libs on eg. CentOS 5.x.
Changes in 2.1.1
* UPD: fallback to a temporary in memory tdb CNID database if the volume
database can't be opened now works with the default backend "dbd" too.
* FIX: afpd: afp_ldap.conf was missing from tarball. This only effected
* FIX: afpd: Check if options->server is set in set_signature, preventing
* FIX: afpd: server signature wasn't initialized in some cases
* FIX: DESTDIR support: DESTDIR was expanded twice
* FIX: Fix for compilation error if header files of an older Netatalk
version are installed.
Changes in 2.1-release
* NEW: afpd: new volume option "volsizelimit" for limitting reported volume
size. Useful for limitting TM backup size.
* UPD: dbd: -c option for rebuilding volumes which prevents the creation
of .AppleDouble stuff, only removes orphaned files.
Changes in 2.1-beta2
* NEW: afpd: static generated AFP signature stored in afp_signature.conf,
cf man 5 afp_signature.conf
* NEW: afpd: clustering support: new per volume option "cnidserver".
* UPD: afpd: set volume defaults options "upriv" and "usedots" in the
volume config file AppleVolumes.default. This will only affect
new installations, but not upgrades.
* FIX: afpd: prevent security attack guessing valid server accounts. afpd
now returns error -5023 for unknown users, as does AppleFileServer.
Changes in 2.1-beta1
* NEW: afpd: AFP 3.2 support
* NEW: afpd: Extended Attributes support using native attributes or
using files inside .AppleDouble directories.
* NEW: afpd: ACL support with ZFS
* NEW: cnid_metad: options -l and -f to configure logging
* NEW: IPv6 support
* NEW: AppleDouble compatible UNIX files utility suite `ad ...`.
With 2.1 only `ad ls`.
* NEW: CNID database maintanance utility dbd
* NEW: support BerkeleyDB upgrade. Starting with the next release
after 2.1 in case of BerkeleyDB library updates, Netatalk
will be able to upgrade the CNID databases.
* NEW: afpd: store and read CNIDs to/from AppleDouble files by default.
This is used as a cache and as a backup in case the database
is deleted or corrupted. It can be disabled with a new volume
option "nocnidcache".
* NEW: afpd: sending SIGINT to a child afpd process enables debug logging
to /tmp/afpd.PID.XXXXXX.
* NEW: configure args to download and install a "private" Webmin instance
including only basic Webmin modules plus our netatalk.wbm.
* NEW: fallback to a temporary in memory tdb CNID database if the volume
database can't be opened.
* NEW: support for Unicode characters in the range above U+010000 using
internal surrogate pairs
* NEW: apple_dump: utility to dump AppleSingle and AppleDouble files
* NEW: afpldaptest: utility to check afp_ldap.conf.
* UPD: atalkd and papd are now disabled by default. AppleTalk is legacy.
* UPD: slp advertisement is now disabled by default. server option -slp
SRVLOC is legacy.
* UPD: cdb/dbd CNID backend requires BerkeleyDB >= 4.6
* UPD: afpd: default CNID backend is "dbd"
* UPD: afpd: try to install PAM config that pulls in system|common auth
* UPD: afpd: symlink handling: never followed server side, client resolves
them, so it's safe to use them now.
* UPD: afpd: Comment out all extension->type/creator mappings in
AppleVolumes.system. They're unmaintained, possibly wrong and
do not fit for OS X.
* FIX: rewritten logger
* FIX: afpd: UNIX permissions handling
* FIX: cnid_dbd: always use BerkeleyDB transactions
* FIX: initscripts installation now correctly uses autoconf paths,
ie they're installed to --sysconfdir.
* FIX: UTF-8 volume name length
* FIX: atalkd: workaround for broken Linux 2.6 AT kernel module:
Linux 2.6 sends broadcast queries to the first available socket
which is in our case the last configured one. atalkd now tries to
find the right one.
Note: now a misconfigured or plugged router can broadcast a wrong route !
* REM: afpd: removed CNID backends "db3", "hash" and "mtab"
* REM: cnid_maint: use dbd
* REM: use dbd
* REM: nu: use `macusers` instead
Changes in 2.0.5
* NEW: afpd: Time Machine support with new volume option "tm".
* FIX: papd: Remove variable expansion for BSD printers. Fixes CVE-2008-5718.
* FIX: afpd: .AppleDxxx folders were user accessible if option 'usedots'
was set
* FIX: afpd: vetoed files/dirs where still accessible
* FIX: afpd: cnid_resolve: don't return '..' as a valid name.
* FIX: uniconv: -d option wasn't working
Changes in 2.0.4
* REM: remove timeout
* NEW: afpd: DHX2 uams using GNU libgcrypt.
* NEW: afpd: volume options 'illegalseq', 'perm' and 'invisibledots'
'ilegalseq' encode illegal sequence in filename asis, ex "\217-", which is not
a valid SHIFT-JIS char, is encoded as U\217 -.
'perm' value OR with the client requested permissions. (help with OSX 10.5
strange permissions).
Make dot files visible by default with 'usedots', use 'invisibledots'
for keeping the old behavior, ie for OS9 (OSX hide dot files on its
* NEW: afpd: volume options allow_hosts/denied hosts
* NEW: afpd: volume options dperm/fperm default directory and file
permissions or with server requests.
* NEW: afpd: afpd.conf, allow line continuation with \
* NEW: afpd: AppleVolumes.default allow line continuation with \
* NEW: afpd: Mac greek encoding.
* NEW: afpd: CJK encoding.
* UPD: afpd: Default UAMs: DHX + DHX2
* FIX: afpd: return the right error in createfile and copyfile if the disk
is full.
* FIX: afpd: resolveid return the same error code than OSX if it's a directory
* FIX: afpd: server name check, test for the whole loopback subnet
not only
* UPD: afpd: limit comments size to 128 bytes, (workaround for Adobe CS2 bug).
* UPD: afpd: no more daemon icon.
* UPD: usedots, return an invalide name only for .Applexxx files used by netatalk not
all files starting with .apple.
* UPD: cnid: increase the number of cnid_dbd slots to 512.
* FIX: cnid: dbd detach the daemon from the control terminal.
* UPD: cnid: never ending Berkeley API changes...
* UPD: cnid: dbd add a timeout when reading data from afpd client.
* UPD: cnid: Don't wait five second after the first error when speaking to the dbd
* FIX: papd: vars use % not $
* FIX: papd: quote chars in popen variables expansion. security fix.
* FIX: papd: papd -d didn't write to stderr.
* FIX: papd: ps comments don't always use ()
* FIX: many compilation errors (solaris, AFS, Tru64, xfs quota...).
Changes in 2.0.3
* NEW: afpd: add a cachecnid option that controls if afpd should
use the IDs stored in the AD2 files as cache. Defaults
to off.
* UPD: afpd: deal with more than 32 groups.
* FIX: afpd: several catsearch fixes, based on patch from
* FIX: afpd: fix a race when a client very quickly reconnects and
tries to kill its old session.
* FIX: afpd: OSX style symlink caused problems with Panther clients.
* FIX: afpd: old files with default type didn't show the right icon
in finder, from Shlomi Yaakobovich, slightly modified.
* FIX: cnid_check: disable cnid_check if CNID db was configured with
transactions and really bail out after the first error.
* FIX: admin-group configure option was broken.
* FIX: several problems with IDs cached in AD2 files.
* FIX: Ignore BIDI in UTF8 hints from OSX.
* FIX: Lots of gcc warning fixes.
* FIX: small configure script changes.
Changes in 2.0.2
* NEW: cnid: Add an indexes check and rebuild, optional for dbd
(parameter check default no), standalone program cnid_index for
* UPD: Enhanced afpd's -v command line switch and added -V for more
verbose information
* UPD: uams_gss: build the principal used by from afpd's
configuration, don't use GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE
* UPD: cnid_dbd: add process id in syslog and small clean up
* REM: remove cf. SF bug [ 1061396 ] broken
* FIX: afpd: check for DenyRead on FPCopyFile
* FIX: afpd: add missing flush for AD2 Metadata on FPCopyFile, SF bug
[ 1055691 ] Word 98 OS 9 Saving an existing file
* FIX: afpd: Deal with AFP3 connection and type 2 (non-UTF8) names.
reported by Gair Heaton, HI RESOLUTION SYSTEMS
* FIX: afpd: Broken 'crlf' option
* FIX: afpd: fix SF bug [ 1079622 ] afpd/dhx memory bug,
by Ralf Schuchardt
* FIX: afpd: Return an error if we cannot get the db stamp in
* FIX: afpd: Fix slp registration with Solaris9 slpd, from
hat at
Changes in 2.0.1
* NEW: --enable-debian configure option. Will install /etc/init.d/atalk
to get not in conflict with standard debian /etc/init.d/netatalk.
Reads netatalk.conf from $ETCDIR and not from /etc/default/
* UPD: Disable logger code by default. Log to syslog instead
* UPD: changed netatalk.conf default settings to prevent problems with
AppleTalk zone names containing spaces
* FIX: insecure tempfile handling bug in,
found by Trustix, CAN-2004-0974.
* REM: remove add_netatalk_printer and netatalk.template from stable
branch until fixed. (possible symlink vulnerabilities)
* FIX: afpd: set hasBeenInited in default finder info. This bug caused
endless finder refreshes with OS9 finder if the noadouble option
was used. From TSUBAKIMOTO Hiroya.
* FIX: afpd: fix a bug in default CREATOR/TYPE handling. Due to this bug
the type/creator mappings in AppleVolumes.system were ignored,
causing problems i.e. with OS9 clients.
* FIX: AppleVolumes.system: By default don't define a CREATOR/TYPE for a
file of unknown type.
* FIX: fix two Tru64 UNIX compilation errors,
from Burkhard Schmidt bs AT
* FIX: afpd: FPMapId wasn't using UTF8 for groups if requested by client.
Changes in 2.0.0
* UPD: afpd: add an error message if -ipaddr parameter cannot be parsed
* UPD: updated documentation
* FIX: afpd: fix a file descriptor and memory leak with OSX ._ resource fork
* FIX: afpd: Prevent overwriting a file by renaming a file in the same
directory to the same name. Won't work with OSX, the dest file gets
deleted by OSX first.
* FIX: sometimes '0' was used instead of 0 for creator/type
* FIX: removed setpgrp check from configure, we don't use it anymore and
it doesn't work with cross compile.
* FIX: fix for Solaris "make maintainer-clean", from Alexander Barton
* FIX: fix username matching bug in afppasswd. from kanai at nadmin dot org
* FIX: reworked username check a little. Depending on the UAM, the wrong
username _could_ have been selected.
Changes in 2.0-rc2
* UPD: use 0 0 for default creator/type rather than UNIX TEXT, from
Shlomi Yaakobovich.
* UPD: updated documentation
* UPD: change machine type from Macintosh to Netatalk in status reply
* FIX: afpd: CopyFile only create a resource fork for destination if source
has one.
* FIX: afpd: mangling: for utf8 --> max filename length is 255 bytes, else 31.
* FIX: cnid_dbd: fix a signed/unsigned, 16/32 bits mismatch. from Burkhard
Schmidt, bs at
* FIX: afpd: After ad_setid don't flush resource fork if it has not been
* FIX: NEWS: Fixed ancient NEWS entries. Removed umlauts
* FIX: fix macname cache, SF bug 1021642
* FIX: revert Makefile change from 2.0-rc1. We have to include BDB_CFLAGS
after CFLAGS
Changes in 2.0-rc1
* NEW: new manual page for
* UPD: updated documentation
* UPD: uams: link to lcrypt before lcrypto. might help with
MD5 passwords
* UPD: Improved BerkeleyDB detection
* UPD: sys/solaris/ enable 'make check', from Alexander Barton
* UPD: tcp wrappers detection should work on OpenBSD as well now
* UPD: macbin: increase the maximum size of macbinary forks, as suggested by
Sourceforge bug ID 829221
* UPD: ASP: rework getstatus. use several ASP packets if the client allows
it, otherwise just send as much as we can
* FIX: FreeBSD 5 build, from Alex Barton (alex at
* FIX: OSX 10.3 build
* FIX: papd: workaround a problem with PJL before Postscript
* FIX: afpd: make sure we only disconnect on old session if the users match
* FIX: apfd: Quark6 mangled long filenames should work better now
* FIX: enhance ADv1 to ADv2 conversion. Fixed a SIGSEGV reported by Mark Baker
* FIX: better detection of invalid resource forks
* FIX: fix some linking problems on OpenBSD
* FIX: afpd: catsearch.c, filedir.c: fix bogus casts, from Olaf Hering
(olh at
* FIX: afpd: don't try to create special folders and .volinfo on read-only
* FIX: iconv/unicode enhancements. fixed a sigsegv on conversion error
* FIX: fix a typo, reported by Joerg Rossdeutscher
* FIX: uniconv: enhanced uniconv behaviour
* FIX: fixed some Solaris compilation problems
* FIX: papd/ add a missing $DESTDIR, from Vlad Agranovsky
* FIX: afpd: quota.c: remove a c99 declaration, from Yann Rouillard
* FIX: Solaris/gcc 3.0 fix, from Yann Rouillard
* FIX: afpd: fix a SIGSEGV when sharing home dirs without any options in
* FIX: numerous small bugfixes
Changes in 2.0-beta2
* NEW: atalkd, papd and npb tools now support nbpnames with extended
* NEW: integrated CUPS support for papd
* NEW: optionally advertise SSH tunneling capabilties
* NEW: automatic logfile removal for cnid_metad
* NEW: has been added to netatalk
* UPD: updated documentation
* UPD: we now require Berkeley DB >= 4.1
* UPD: 64bit Linux fixes from Stew Benedict, Mandrakesoft
* UPD: remove --enable-sendfile
* UPD: more verbose error messages
* FIX: better handling for resource forks without read access
* FIX: Tru64 build, by Burkhard Schmidt
* FIX: MIT Kerberos detection
* FIX: varios *BSD compile problems
* FIX: compile problem with libiconv, reported by Joe Marcus Clarke
* FIX: adv1tov2: make it work with the new structure
* FIX: afpd: filenames longer than 127 bytes were not enumerated correctly,
reported by Thies C. Arntzen
* FIX: afpd: return IP before FQDN in status reply.
* FIX: afpd: Mac chooser could crash on a codepage conversion error
* FIX: afpd: KerberosV auth with Panther clients, make long AD tickets work,
reported by Andrew Smith
* FIX: atalkd: could send invalid NBPLKUP replies, e.g with more than 15
printers. Reported by Almacha
* FIX: papd: fix papd.conf parsing problems with consecutive ':' and missing
newline. Reported by Craig White.
* FIX: megatron: make megatron work with UTF-8 volumes
* FIX: timeout: running timeout with commands which accept arguments,
from Yuval Yeret.
* FIX: uniconv: fix a SEGFAULT, reported by Matthew Geier
* FIX: pam detection: PAM_C/LDFLAGS were always empty, from Alexander Barton
* FIX: numerous small bugfixes.
Changes in 2.0-beta1
* NEW: OSX style adouble scheme
* NEW: japanese SHIFT_JIS codepage (iconv supplied)
* NEW: Solaris kernel module build integrated with configure
* NEW: Gentoo start scripts
* NEW: cnid_dbd doesn't use transactions by default
* FIX: afpd: the volume casefold option was broken
* FIX: afpd: update AD2 headers and keep owner on file exchange
* FIX: Solaris 9 and FreeBSD 4.9/5.2 compilation
* FIX: free space reported with groups quotas on Linux
* FIX: OS9/OS X didn't update free space
* FIX: finder crash if folder opened got deleted by another process
* FIX: randnum UAM wasn't AFP3 ready
* FIX: numerous small bugfixes.
Changes in 2.0-alpha2
* NEW: uniconv tool for converting volume encoding.
* NEW: afpd: Make sure getstatus doesn't return loopback address as server IP.
* NEW: afpd: Specify USEDOTS with MSWINDOWS implicitely.
* NEW: afpd: SRVLOC register with IP address instead of hostname by default,
if -fqdn is specified register with FQDN. Added extended character
support for SLP, non ASCII characters are escaped Added ZONE to registration.
* NEW: atalkd: Make atalkd set interfaces to ALLMULTI on linux by default.
* NEW: cnid_metad: Use DB_PRIVATE attribute for dbd backend without transaction.
* FIX: afpd: Partial workaround for an OSX client deadlock.
* FIX: afpd: Reenumerate folder if db is out of sync in resolveID.
* FIX: afpd: Don't modify modification date in copyfile.
* FIX: afpd: Variable $v substitution: always use name defined in config files.
* FIX: libatalk: Speed optimisation for byte locking was broken on resource fork.
* FIX: Solaris 9 compilation.
* FIX: Tru64 compilation fixes.
* FIX: AFS compilation fixes.
* FIX: strncpy bugfix.
* FIX: configure, man pages update and small bugfixes.
Changes in 2.0-alpha1
* NEW: afpd: We now support AFP 3.x, which features long filenames and
large file support
* NEW: CNID handling completely reworked. We now use per Volume configurable
CNID backends.
* NEW: Two new daemons, cnid_metad and cnid_dbd to implement the dbd CNID backend.
Using Berkeley DB transactions with the CNID database should be safe now.
* NEW: The on disk format of the CNID database has changed. We now support 8 byte
device and inode numbers and an additinal type field that should make
detection of file/directory changes outside of afpd more robust.
Changed from HASH to BTREE access which speeds things up in certain cases
and reduces database file size.
* NEW: Long file name mangling is now implemented using the CNID ID, so no database is
required to map names to mangled names. This is the same method Mac OS X uses.
* NEW: New format (version 2) for Metadata in AppleDouble files. We record device and
inode of the underlying file as well as the CNID. This can be used for recovery
and speeds up access to the CNID.
* NEW: The old NLS codepage system has been removed. It was replaced by an iconv
based conversion system, which provides much more flexibility.
* NEW: You can safely use extended characters in volume names and for SIGUSR2 messaging.
* NEW: The default volume encoding is UTF-8.
* NEW: All documentation is now generated using DocBook. New or completely reworked
sections about installing, setting up and upgrading Netatalk replace various
README files in the doc directory.
* FIX: Protect afpd better against unexpected signals during updates of the CNID
database with the cdb backend. This makes database corruption less likely.
* FIX: All manpages have been reviewed and should now be up to date.
* FIX: Tons of bug fixes since 1.6.4. Please consults the CVS change log for details.
Changes in 1.6.4
* NEW: afpd: Using the mswindows option now implicitly specifies usedots.
[Sam Noble]
* UPD: afpd.8: Updated the option documentation.
[Thomas Kaiser, Sebastian Rittau]
* FIX: configure: Removed broken --with-flock-locks option. [Bjoern Fernhomberg]
* FIX: libatalk: Do not log network probe (OSX 10.3). [Didier Gautheron]
* FIX: libatalk: Deadlock in signal handlers. [Didier]
* FIX: libatalk: Compilation with Linux kernel 2.6 fixed. [Sebastian, Bjoern]
* FIX: afpd: Solaris compile issues. [Bjoern]
* FIX: afpd: If connection broke in dsi_tickle the child did never die. [Bjoern]
* FIX: afpd: Catsearch, fixes a possible segmentation fault. [Bjoern]
* FIX: afpd: Compilation issues. [Olaf Hering, Sebastian]
* FIX: cnid: Fix compile problems on Tru64. [Burkhard Schmidt]
* FIX: megatron: Fixed an uninitialized variable. [Olaf]
* FIX: installation: Don't overwrite PAM file if --enable-overwrite configure
option is not set. [Sam, Ryan Cleary]
* FIX: installation: Fixed BSD installation. [Toru TAKAMIZU]
* FIX: docs: Removed ssl-dir/ssl-dirs confusion from doc/INSTALL. [Bjoern]
Changes in 1.6.3
* UPD: afpd: Infrastructural support for an upcoming Kerberos 5 UAM.
[Sam Noble]
* UPD: uams_dhx_passwd: Better random seed in Tru64. [Burkhard Schmidt]
* FIX: afpd: Bug in AFP connection negotiation stage. [Sam]
* FIX: afpd: Catsearch, when Mac and unix name differ, search on attributes.
* FIX: afpd: Files could be opened for writing on read-only filesystems.
* FIX: afpd: Debugging using SIGUSR1 was broken. [Stefan Muenkner]
* FIX: afpd: Segfault after login. [Robby Griffin, Sean Bolton]
* FIX: psf: Correct path to
* FIX: shell_utils: Don't distribute generated files.
* FIX: aecho: -A option didn't work. [Chris Shiels]
* FIX: configure: Berkeley DB path detection could be wrong. [Stefan]
* FIX: Automake build fixes.
Changes in 1.6.2
* FIX: atalkd: Fixes for reading long configuration file lines. [Dan Wilga]
* FIX: afpd: CNID id allocation in a multiuser environment.
* FIX: papd: Fix PSSP support when PAM is enabled.
* FIX: macusers: Can now cope with IP addresses as well as host names.
* FIX: Install correctly.
Changes in 1.6.1
* UPD: Improve --enable-fhs. [Olaf Hering]
* UPD: Add BDB 4.1.x support.
* UPD: Add more documentation on CNID, as well as list which versions
of Berkeley DB are supported.
* FIX: Codepage file maccode.koi8-r is now correctly cleaned.
* FIX: Fix init script location on SuSE. [Olaf]
* FIX: Build fixes. [Olaf, Steven N. Hirsch]
* FIX: Various bugs when a user doesn't have access permission to a folder.
(Fixes an OSX kernel panic.)
* FIX: CNID, folders' DID handling with concurrent access or symlinks.
(Fixes an endless loop in afpd.)
Changes in 1.6.0
* FIX: pap looks at the STDOUT file descriptor to see if it's connected to
a tty, instead of STDIN.
Changes in 1.6pre2
* UPD: Removed --with-catsearch option from configure and enable FPCatSearch
by default.
* UPD: The dbpath argument does now support variable substitution.
* FIX: Build fix for non-GNU-C compilers in libatalk/util/logger.c.
* FIX: Two directories with the same name but different case confused the
Mac Finder.
* FIX: The ROOT_PARENT directory could get invalidated.
Changes in 1.6pre1
* NEW: Long file name mangling support.
* NEW: Improved log file support.
* NEW: Server-side find capability ("FPCatSearch")
* NEW: Concurrent datastore (CDB) is now the default CNID datastore. This
should be heavily tested in a multiuser environment.
* NEW: Variable substitution support has been added for the dbpath AppleVolume
* UPD: CNID DID handling is now enabled by default.
* FIX: Various bug and build fixes as well as code cleanups.
Changes in 1.5.5
* NEW: Allow afpd debugging to be enabled by sending the afpd process
* NEW: Allow SLP to be disabled per afpd process by adding a new -noslp flag
to afpd.conf.
* FIX: Use server name (if not NULL) for the SLP URL.
* FIX: papd: buffer overflow during config file read (Olaf Hering)
Changes in 1.5.4
* FIX: File open read only and then read write (aka pb with Illustrator).
* FIX: Problems with unexpected EOF when reading files on a ddp connection
Photoshop, old finder.
* FIX: --with-nls-dir option does now work
Changes in 1.5.3
* UPD: Extend the --disable-shell-check functionality to ignore users
with _no_ shell. Also, send a log message if a user is refused login
based on the fact that they have no shell.
* UPD: Autoconf updates.
* UPD: Tru64 afpd authentication updates.
* UPD: As always: lots of minor code cleanups.
* FIX: Problems with Photoshop trying to open image files has been
* FIX: Preserve special permission bits when creating or modifying
* FIX: afp_deleteid() now deletes the specified file and not the parent
* FIX: papd does now announce that it supports binary data to its clients.
* FIX: NetBSD ELF support.
* FIX: acleandir.rc is now installed in the bin directory.
* FIX: megatron does now compile even if compiled with -DDEBUG.
* FIX: Clean up some syslog messages.
Changes in 1.5.2
* NEW: NetBSD support contributed by David Rankin and NetBSD contributors.
This includes a new configure option --enable-netbsd.
* NEW: Add the -client_polling afpd.conf flag to allow for clients to poll
the server every 10 seconds for open window updates. Currently
this is the only way to get asynchronous directory updates.
* UPD: Use separate macro for AFS configure check.
* UPD: Some Perl scripts are now (partially) auto-generated. This improves
out-of-the-box usage of Netatalk.
* UPD: Solaris Kernel Makefile is now auto-generated. This fixes some path
issues, but isn't perfect, yet. Added some Solaris compatibility
fixes to the Kernel sources, too.
* UPD: CNID DB code sync'd with the current CVS version. NOTE: Using this
code requires you to delete _all_ existing .AppleDB directories in
order to avoid database corruption!
* FIX: The file AppleVolumes.system contained wrong line breaks so that
not all file types were properly recognized.
* FIX: AFS compilation would fail due to a misnamed variable.
* FIX: SLP configure check was wrong so SLP did not compile.
* FIX: Fix the way quotas are handled under certain situations.
* FIX: Do not enable debugging code if debugging option is not set.
* FIX: Some problems with wrongly assigned DIDs were fixed.
* FIX: Various bug fixes and code cleanups.
Changes in 1.5.1
* NEW: Added a program called cnid_didname_verify that can be used to
verify the consistency of the CNID database.
* NEW: New afpd option: -timeout. Warning: This still doesn't do what it's
supposed to!
* UPD: Code cleanups and compatibility fixes to macusers.
* UPD: AppleVolumes.system was cleaned up.
* FIX: Really fix Tru64 compilation (see last entry).
* FIX: Hand correct error value back to AFP client when deleting files or
directories fails.
* FIX: Leading or trailing spaces are now forbidden on volumes that have
the AFPVOL_MSWINDOWS flag set.
* FIX: Minor code cleanups and warning fixes.
* FIX: Make quota support work on FreeBSD.
Changes in 1.5.0
* FIX: Compilation on Tru64 systems was broken, since libtool's acinclude.m4
file on the packagers system did not contain the necessary patch.
* FIX: On some systems, atalkd refuses to start, since it couldn't detect
any interfaces. This was caused by an overzealous validity check.
Changes in 1.5rc2
* FIX: contrib/shell_utils/ was erased when "make clean" was called.
Now we distribute instead, and is automatically
generated during package build.
* FIX: Some platforms (notably Tru64) don't have the snprintf() call, which
was used in etc/afp/afp_config.c. This call was replaced by sprintf()
and prior bounds checking.
Changes from the 1.4b1 release:
* Fixed the maximum free/total volume size in afpd.
* Made ~ the default volume in afpd.
* Fixed pid file handling and changed setpgrp() to setpgid() in afpd,
papd, and atalkd.
* Added code to afpd to set the Unix file time stamps with utime().
* Fixed a bug in papd's printcap code which limited it to 15 or so
* Fixed papd's handling of piped printers.
* Fixed papd's handling of bad job names.
* Fixed atalkd to send NBP LKUP packets from NBP port.
* Added "sync;sync;sync" to Solaris kinstall to help with streams
file corruption.
* Added nlocalrts to streams ddp.conf. Thanks Thomas Tornblom.
* Fixed signed extension infinite loop in Solaris module.
* Moved all the config files to .../config.
Changes from the 1.3.3 release:
* Added code from Sun Microsystems, Inc (OPCOM) for Solaris support.
* Added support for FreeBSD, mostly changes by Mark Dawson and Julian
* All sorts of other stuff.
Changes from the 1.3.1 release:
* Added options to psf's filter names to support accounting on HPs.
!!! NOTE: The location of the filters has changed, see the man
page for where.
* Added code from Alan Cox to support Linux.
* Rewrote papd. Now handles dropped connections better.
Configuration has been modernized. !!! NOTE: The format of the
configuration file has changed, but NOT THE NAME.
* Added Kerberos support to papd.
* atalkd now removes routes on a SIGTERM. Still can't just restart
it, but it's closer.
* Changed atalkd and the kernel driver to remove a hack added to
support sending to 0.255. Now the kernel will allow multiple open
sockets with the same port, so long as the addess associated with
the port is different. atalkd now opens a socket for each port on
each interface.
* atalkd now rewrites its configuration file. If no configuration
file is given, one will be generated. Permissions on the new
configuration file will be inherited from the old one. If there is
no old one, permissions default to 644. Won't rewrite the file if
the owner doesn't have write permission.
* Removed support for the "AFS Kerberos UAM", in favor of the
"AuthMan UAM". Kerberos support should now be much more
* Fixed a bug in afpd which would cause incorrect group calculations
on ultrix machines.
* Fixed a bug in afpd which causes SimpleText and some other
applications to silently fail to write. There's also a bug in
MacOS, but we can't fix that.
* Fixed a bad interaction with afpd and AFS which would cause file
writes to not propogate between AFS clients.
* !!! CHANGED the name(s) of afpd's config files. The new files are
AppleVolumes.system and AppleVolumes.default. If AppleVolumes.system
exists, it is always read, AppleVolumes.default is only read if the
user has no AppleVolumes file. Included a flag "-u" to indicate
which file has precedence. "-u" user wins, otherwise ".system"
* Rewrote the AppleVolumes parsing code. Now works.
* Added a filename extension mapping to afpd. User always takes
precedence, regardless of the "-u" flag. Code to change the type
of all Unix files contributed by Kee Hinckley <>.
* afpd now supports both UFS and AFS volumes simultaneously. It also
uses access() to attempt to calculate reasonable Mac permissions
for AFS directories.
* Changed reporting of file times. Files that are written from Unix
now update the Mac's idea of the files modification time. Unix
mtime is now reported instead of ctime.
* Added support for a new UAM to afpd. This requires that client
Macs have MacTCP and AuthMan installed. Should make running afpd
for AFS easier.
* Removed code so that otherwise valid volumes for which the mounting
user has no permission will appear in the volume selection dialog
on the Mac gray-ed out.
* Added code from Chris Metcalf of MIT to the AppleDouble library
which improves permission inheritance.
* Added code from G. Paul Ziemba of Alantec, Inc to better report
errors in psf. Also changed psf to use syslog for errors that
users aren't interested in.
* Added information to psf's man page to better explain the
interaction between psf, pap, and lpd.
* Make psf/pap/psa do accounting when it's turnes on in
* Changed pap's error message when there is no printer specified on
the command line and no .paprc is found. Also heavily modified
pap's man page to reflect changes in the "new" version of pap,
including moving it from section 8 to section 1.
* Fixed a byte-order bug in pap's sequence numbers. Doubt if pap has
ever worked right on little endian machines!
* Added a flag to pap to optionally close before receiving EOF from
the printer. Off by default. psf calls pap with this option on.
* Added timeouts to the nbp library calls. This means that processes
won't hang when atalkd dies during boot, thus hanging your
Changes from the 1.3 release:
* Fixed a bug in afpd which would cause APPL mappings to contain both
mac and unix path names. The fixed code will handle the old
(corrupted) database.
* Fixed a *very* serious bug which would cause files to be corrupted
when copying to afpd.
* Fixed a bug in afpd which would cause replies to icon writes to
contain the written icon.
* Filled in the function code switch in afpd. Previously, a hacker
could probably have used afpd to get unauthorized access to a
machine running afpd.
* Fixed a bug in the asp portion of libatalk.a which could cause the
malloc()/free() database to be corrupted.
* Fixed a bug in atalkd's zip query code. With this bug, only the
first N % 255 nets get queried. However, since nets bigger than
255 are usually pretty unstable, the unqueried for nets will
eventually get done, when N drops by one.
* Suppressed a spurious error ("route: No such process") in atalkd.
Changes from the 1.2.1 release:
* atalkd is completely rewritten for phase 2 support. atalkd.conf
from previous version will not work!
* afpd now has better AFS support. In particular, the configuration
for AFS was made much easier; a number of Kerberos-related
byte-ordering and time problems were found; clear-text passwords
were added (thanks to
* afpd now handles Unix permissions much better (thanks to
* There are many, many more changes, but most are small bug fixes.
Changes from the 1.2 release:
* The Sun support now uses loadable kernel modules (a la VDDRV)
instead of binary patches. As such, it should work on any sunos
greater than 4.1, and is confirmed to work under 4.1.1 and 4.1.2.
* The DEC support no longer requires source. It also runs under
ultrix 4.1 and 4.2. It still requires patching your kernel, but the
patches are limited to those files available to binary-only sites
-- primarily hooks for things like netatalk.
* The etc.rc script now uses changes made to nbprgstr (see below).
* aecho now takes machine names on the command line.
* nbplkup now takes a command line argument specifying the number of
responses to accept. It also takes its defaults from the NBPLKUP
environment variable.
* nbprgstr may be used to register a name at any requested port.
* afpd now logs if an illegal shell is used during login, instead of
silently denying service.
* A bug in afpd which caused position information for the directory
children of the root of a volume to be ignored has been fixed.
* Several typos in afpd which would cause include files necessary to
ultrix to be skipped have been fixed.
* atalkd will no long propagate routes to networks whose zone
it doesn't know.
* atalkd no longer dumps core if it receives a ZIP GetMyZone request
from a network whose zone it doesn't know. (Since this currently
can only happen from off net, it's not precisely a legal request.)
* pap and papd (optionally) no longer check the connection id in PAP
DATA responses. Both also maintain the function code in non-first-packet
PAP DATA responses. These changes are work-arounds to deal with
certain AppleTalk printer cards, notably the BridgePort LocalTalk
card for HP LJIIISIs.
* pap no longer sends an EOF response to each PAP SENDDATA request,
only the first.
* A bug in papd which would cause it to return a random value when
printing the procset to a piped printer has been fixed.
* A bug relating to NBP on reverse-endian machines has been fixed.
* atp_rsel() from libatalk now returns a correct value even if it
hasn't recieved anything yet.
* atalk_addr() from libatalk no longer accepts addresses in octal
format, since AppleTalk addresses can have leading zeros. Also it
checks that the separator character is a '.'.
* Pseudo man pages for nbplkup, nbprgstr, and nbpunrgstr, have been
* The example in the psf(8) man page is now correct.
* The man pages for changed commands have been updated.
* The README files for various machine have been updated