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You must have openssl, ykpers, and yubikey-c (aka libyubikey) installed.
ykpers >=1.6
If not specified an attempt to use pkg-config to find the yubikey libraries is
Basic install steps on most systems:
cd build && ../configure && make && sudo make install
../configure --help for some specific options regarding openssl/yubikey library
Please note that the versions set for autoconf and automake in are
not strict requirements. The definitions should work just fine with 2.69 and
1.12 (tested) and most likely newer versions. The defined versions are just
common versions that are easily installed on OpenBSD. They can be easily
overidden like so (assuming bourne derived shell):
The code currently assumes that there is only one yubikey inserted (ykpers
limitation) and that the second slot of said key is already configured as a
challenge response slot.
With this in mind you can test the code on your system with the yubikey
inserted and configured as described by running the test-sdmckt binary which
is built with the all target.