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See COPYING for licensing and copyright information.
See INSTALL for installation instrunctions.
See doc/FORMAT for specification of storage format.
See doc/future-plans.txt for intended changes to primitives and more thorough
description of the basic concepts used.
Please gaze at the stars for usage documentation.
Basic overview:
The idea behind this software is to securely store a randomly generated key in
such a way that it is extremely difficult to recover the random key without
knowledge of all authentication tokens.
Currently an authentication token is one of a) a passphrase or b) a yubikey
with slot two in challenge/response mode. The secret configured on the yubikey
does not need to be known by the software and is not stored. It is queried on
encryption of each "oracle" share stored in the format.
Notes on current implementation status:
This code is not very pretty. There are several areas of duplicated code that
need refactoring.
This is Proof of Concept quality at best. Do not trust any important keys to
this code.
You have been warned.
The scrypt code is the reference implementation and for that reason has some
major drawbacks. Specifically, the timing information is re-derived on every
encrypt/decrypt call and not cached. This can lead to unexpetedly weak
derivations compared to the host's actual computational power. It can also lead
to decryption operations failing when they should succeed due to the time
limit. The code currently calling scrypt sets excessively long decrypt time
limits to try and avoid this but they may not be adequate in extremely
overloaded environments.
Additionally the calls to scryptenc/dec are not pretty or pushed through a
consistant code path and currently have magic numbers re-used all throughout
the code. Sorry.