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Beamer color theme using the Solarized palette
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Beamer Color Theme Solarized

A color theme for Beamer using the Solarized palette, and inspired by the css stylesheet of

See the Solarized homepage and its github page more information about the color palette and themes for Vim, Emacs, etc.

If you use R, I have also written a ggplot plot theme using the Solarized colors, which is available


Download the theme from and place it in either the same folder as your presentation .tex file or in the LaTeX installation tree.


To load the color theme, add the following line to your document,


The following <options> may be given when loading the theme,

  • light Use the light theme (default).
  • dark Use the dark theme.
  • accent= <color> The accent color. <color> can be any of the non-base Solarized colors: yellow (default), orange, red, magenta, violet, blue, cyan, or green.

For example, to use a dark theme with a cyan accent,


In addition to the beamer colors that it sets, this package defines colors which can be used elsewhere, e.g. in \setbeamercolor.

The package defines the sixteen colors of the Solarized palette.

solarizedBase03    #002b36
solarizedBase02    #073642
solarizedBase01    #586e75
solarizedBase00    #657b83
solarizedBase0     #839496
solarizedBase1     #93a1a1
solarizedBase2     #eee8d5
solarizedBase3     #fdf6e3
solarizedYellow    #b58900
solarizedOrange    #cb4b16
solarizedRed       #dc322f
solarizedMagenta   #d33682
solarizedViolet    #6c71c4
solarizedBlue      #268bd2
solarizedCyan      #2aa198
solarizedGreen     #859900

Additionally, it defines these colors, the values of which are dependent on the options specified when the theme is loaded.

  • solarizedAccent Accent color.
  • solarizedRebase03, solarizedRebase02, solarizedRebase01, solarizedRebase00: Background colors; dark colors if the dark theme is used, light colors if light theme.
  • solarizedRebase0, solarizedRebase1, solarizedRebase2, solarizedRebase3: Foreground colors; light colors if the dark theme is used, dark colors if light theme.


Some example slides (using the example slides from the Beamer documentation).

Example 1

A light background with yellow accents (the default).


Example 2

A light background with blue accents.


Example 3

A dark background with yellow accents.


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